Monday, February 09, 2009

And Then There Was Fire

As you know, the new pad came complete with a fireplace:

This is a real fireplace, no gas or electric. Real wood. Real fire. So B has been dying to light one up since we got in and after we had the chimney guy inspect it to make sure we would not die or anything. Having obtained wood from his folks, he was off:

The cats were curious as to what he was doing:

B was quite proud of his firemaking skills and stopped to survey his work:

Look at that fire:

Such a beautiful and WARM thing. It was great.  You know who else enjoyed the fire? Chester. He is one strange cat. Between his love of appliances and his newfound love of fire, he is quite the character.

In fact, Chester decided to get in on the action when B was trying to start the fire:

How cute are those two with their heads peeking in the fire?  You know what is not cute? When your very curious cat decides to walk straight into the fire.  I told B that Chester was a bit TOO curious and that we needed to close those lovely brass gates.  B insisted that Chester's survival instincts would kick on. Um, not so much.  Chester just waltzed straight in there and I was able to pull him out before his whiskers caught fire.  We quickly closed the gates and lamented on Chester's total lack of survival skills. He was a street cat for crying out loud.

After that a roaring fire was enjoyed by all. Mostly me, really. The cats bored of it and B went on to his next project.*

I enjoyed it though.  So warm.

*If you have been paying attention, you are probably wondering why B is often photographed in the same outfit.  It is his painting-firestarting-blindhanging-generalaroundthehouseworking-outfit. Expect to see it again in the future.

9 important things being said:

Jennifer said...

Is his Nascar t-shirt under that hoodie?

Chester isn't the brightest animal around is he?

The fire does look nice though. You should have gotten out some lawn chairs and roasted marshmallows! Next time.

*~Dani~* said...

Jenny - I am not sure what tshirt is under there. Chester is a bit slow. And I cannot believe I forgot marshmallows!!! I love them!! So going to buy some this weekend for sure!

Anonymous said...

i sure am busy. i will check in regularly to see my accomplishments.

sorry about the 12am alarm clock wake up you just got.

thats the crazy thing about he power going off all the time. sometimes things don't get reset.

Bloggers Bro J to tha O to tha N said...

Does B have a face, or is he going to be like Wilson on "home improvement"?

Ruth said...

We gotta get you more wood, because if I know B (and I think I do) he doesn't keep the rest of the house very warm.

Jennifer said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jennifer said...

I don't think B has a face!

I deleted that post above because I ended the sentence with a "," instead of a ".". Even though it is the internets, I have to get it right. LOL.

Katelin said...

aw it looks great. love it.

*~Dani~* said...

Anonymous a/k/a B - you are a busy man. I am surprised you could stop and comment. Dont worry about the alarm, I was just grateful to have 5 more hours to sleep!

Bro - no, B does not have a face.

Mom - you know him well.

Jenny - your love of proper grammar on the internet moves me. And B has no face.

Katelin - thanks!

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