Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Have you seen my....?

Do you have an office fairy where you are? We sure have one at our company. This fairy likes to steal things that no one else wants. Honestly. Big grey carts that are used to deliver paper go missing regularly. What are you going to do with that, other than deliver paper? And where are you going to hide that? People also take other, smaller carts. Those are usually found near other secretary's cubicles with other's people's files in them and then a big angry discussion takes place. Those are fun.

Really, though, how many more emails can one get that starts off with "if you have seen [insert object here] please return it to [insert place or person] as it is needed immediately. Thank you." Some of the writers get creative and try to admonish others like this one:

- Subject: large grey cart missing again

Does anyone know where it is? I need it to pass out the copy and bond paper (which some wings are out of)

FYI: The large cart is to be returned to 13 East when it is not in use. Please be courteous and not use it as a table.

That one is my favorite. My other favorite is the one (again about the large grey cart) that resulted in many emails about seeing big grey cats and a lively discussion as to whether cats could carry paper strapped to their bags better than dogs could???

And finally, the one from Winchester where his briefcase went missing. He declared no questions would be asked if it was returned to his office by 12 pm. The catch - he never left his office. Kind of makes it hard to be an anonymous thief. Although he does take naps......

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