Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Can you spare some change?

I just *love* to find money on the ground. It started with pennies and the old phrase "see a penny, pick it up, all the day you have good luck." Then, it spread to dimes after I read an article about angels supposedly leaving dimes on the ground for you so that you know they are watching over you. Now, I just scour the ground for money. Yes, I am that crazy person that will stop in her tracks for a penny or a dime or if I am REALLY lucky, a quarter!

So the money scrounger in me was on high alert today at Starbucks when a lady found some money lying on the ground and asked if it belonged to anyone. This was REAL money - you know, the paper kind? I remember thinking WHY- why didn't you look down??? It was all folded up and looked like it had slipped out of someone's wallet in their rush for a venti half caf latte with room. She asked me first. I, in a moment of honesty and compassion, said it wasn't mine and directed her to the two people who had been in front of me.

The first woman said it wasn't hers because she only had a gift card. The second guy also said it was not his. So I told the woman it was her lucky day and the money was now hers. So the second guy, the one who said it was NOT his money, then asks "is it a hundred"? with a tone that seemed to indicate if she answered yes, it was his after all. Are you kidding me? Apparently he cant be bothered to claim anything less than a hundred dollars. Yeah, right. And yes, I did say that out loud, in his presence. I believe the woman's response was something like "if it was a hundred it would be mine."

Now, what kind of money hungry fool is going to say something like "is it a hundred" after he just indicated he had not lost any money. Give me a break. And I thought I was bad. Now picking up pennies doesn't seem to be that big of a deal.

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