Monday, January 25, 2010

Sure I will Do Your Math for You, You Are Only the Cashier

On Friday I stopped at the store in my office building to buy two lotto tickets. After a hard day at work I decided I wanted to become a millionaire. Also? My mom and I entered into a pact to go in on lotto tickets together. I am in charge of January. So far I have bought 3 tickets out of 6. I suck and we are never going to be millionaires.

While I was there buying the tickets, I noticed that they also sold scratchoffs. I love me some scratchoffs, or scratchers as some call them. I, however, cannot call them that because it sounds weird to me. Anyhow I tell the cashier that I want a specific scratchoff and she proceeds to pull off the wrong one. After explaining which one I want, I decide that I want the one she pulled off because it is now lucky.*

That is when the REAL confusion began. The lotto tickets were $2, the first scratchoff was $2, and the second was $2. That came to $6. I gave her a 10.

Cashier: How much do you owe me?
Me: $6. I gave you a 10
Cashier: How much do I owe you?
Me: $4
Cashier: [holding a 10 and a 5] Is this 10 yours?
Me: Yes. You owe me $4
Cashier: Did you give me this 5?
Me: No.
Cashier: How much was this?
Me: $6. You owe me $4.
Cashier: I need to change this $5 from the main register to give you change.
Me: Okay.
Cashier: Now what do I give you?
Me: $4
Cashier: [blank look]
Me: Take the 5 singles out of the register and put the $5 bill in it. Give me 4 singles and put the other single in the lotto register.
Cashier: Okay.
Me: By the way, you owe me 20.

No, I didn't say that last part. But I could have. She would have given me a 20. And the 10. And the 5. That is what we call a bad day.

And that last minute scratchoff? Totally a winner. A $2 winner.

At least I got my money back on that one. The others were a bust.

Now, if I could just get my sanity back.

*One time at another location I asked for a scratchoff and got the wrong one. I went back in and asked for the right one and the woman behind the counter pulled out this mangled ticket that looked like a dog ate it. I won $50 from it.**

**I just realized that the foregoing example was poor because it was not the wrong ticket that was the winner. Great. Now my whole theory is shot and I just have to buy all of the scratchoffs I see.

***Please send money.

5 important things being said:

mandatorybloghere said...

Cracks me up how they do, I dont know how many times I have been giving too much change, stand there arguing with them. No it was a 10 not a 20. i am sure karma will pay me back someday with a winning lotto ticket lol

Sassy said...

I was all prepared for you to talk about how much change (as in coins) but this is just utterly ridiculous.

Sh had some serious blonde minutes going on there. Incredible.

Debi said...

LOL, she was really having a hard day! I was a cashier once and went blank a few times, but not to that extent - LOL
Oh,I will send you money, when you remember to buy our "winning" Lotto tickets -and we win - xoxo

Jennifer said...

Amazing. I recall reading a crime watch in my local paper about how some man scammed some poor cashier out of $50 by confusing her with making change for him. It sounds like she may to related to your cashier. Or perhaps you are the scammer? Hmmm...... LOL.

*~Dani~* said...

mandy - I know what you mean. At what point are you like "FINE just give me extra money you idiot"? For me, it comes quicker these days.

Sassy - I agree. Wrong change change is one thing, wrong dollar bills - what the heck?

Debi - Keep your money, we haven't won yet. :) And from what I recall, you were a pretty rocking cashier!

Jenny - you know, I read about that a lot too. Apparently it is easy to confuse them. Imagine what I could have accomplished that day!

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