Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Is it Aggressive Chewing or Insanely Maniacal Destruction?

Jersey is what you would call an "aggressive chewer." That means there are not a lot of toys that I can buy her. Almost every single cute or fun looking toy says "not for aggressive chewers." I know they are right because I can see the little parts that she would bite off in a heartbeat.

This makes my job a bit harder. Being so aggressive and chewy, Jersey needs to be occupied often or else she will take to chewing the rug, the carpeting or poor Brad. We buy 1-2 rawhides a week and I think we may be up to 3 now.

So, the other day, when I was in the store and found a line of heavy, duty, durable toy line made for those dogs that love to chew, I felt that I stumbled into heaven. Well, doggie heaven. I thought about which one to buy first and settled on the three ring one. The rubber rings were even chicken flavored.

Jersey, in her typical fashion, gingerly took the toy from me, ran away with it and started to go to town on it. She LOVED it.

Notice that this new toy is so awesome, even the rawhide in the background went untouched.

A mere 12 hours later I was awakened by Jersey swinging her head ferociously on the bed with something in her mouth. It was the rope ring. She managed to tear it apart. By the time I awoke, the rope was a collection of strings. B called that the "weak link."

I think Jersey is a superhero dog.

2 important things being said:

Jennifer said...

I wonder is there really is a toy that is unchewable. Well, unable to be chewed thru. I will keep my eyes open. Has she chewed anything she shouldn't have???

*~Dani~* said...

Jennifer - probably not. However, by claiming it is indestructible and for aggressive chewers, it should at least make it 24 hours dont you think?

Yes she has. Watch for a post on her play area. There was also a pair of shoes (my favorite), carpeting, wood for the fireplace and the other day I saw her knawing on the chair in my office. Just because some other dog tore that up, she thinks it is fair game. Oh and the door stopper. Forgot about that one.

And Brad would like to remind you that she chews on him regularly and he does NOT think she should.

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