Monday, November 08, 2010

I See Your Quarter and Raise You a What the Hell Just Happened?

Getting through the security lines at the courthouse is always an adventure. There is one particular court that is always changing the rules - keys out, keys in, no cell phones, who cares about cell phones, feel free to bring your bayonet in by all means.  There is also no telling as to what will set the metal detector off except that it undoubtedly will not be metal.

So it was no surprise that we were waiting there, me and 20 other people, stuck behind a lady that basically had to undress to get through.  I could sense some annoyance coming from behind me, but I decided to focus on my own annoyance instead. First mistake.

As soon as the woman in front of me was cleared and before I could even think to take a step toward the detectors, a woman behind me practically barges her way through me to get into line.  My usual decorum evaporated:

Lady: "What?"

As I stand there with my arms open wide and about to shout "what do you think", she points to the ground behind me and says "There's a quarter."  

Here's where I would tell you that I retorted with a "Nice try old woman. Don't try to distract me with shiny things.  I don't need money that bad" while pushing her out of the way and running through the metal detectors screaming "I am coming your honor."  Sadly, that did not happen.

What happened? I was totally caught off guard and turned to find that there WAS a quarter there on the ground. I then wondered why there was a quarter there and how she knew there was a quarter there and if she was a member of MENSA.  Meanwhile, she was through the detector and off like an apparition.

That is, until I caught up with her on the elevator and she proceeded to answer her cellphone like this:


Luckily, I got off one floor after the phone call came in and before I totally lost my hearing.  Later when I relived this event with those that I work with, I could only think of one thing:

I really wanted to pick up that quarter.

6 important things being said:

sprinkles said...

It's amazing how rude people can be sometimes!

I volunteer each week to hand out food to the poor and homeless. For the most part, they're all very nice and appreciative to the staff of volunteers. To each other though, they're quite rude. They cut in front of each other all the time or smack each other with their bags while they're trying to move on to the next table.

I remember once that I was in a class when a girl made a phone call DURING THE CLASS to tell someone what time to come and get her afterwards. I found that to be the height of rudeness on her part.

I'd have grabbed the quarter. My unemployment is about to run out at the end of the month and every single cent makes a difference.

phishez said...


Andhari said...

I'm also easily distracted by shiny things :D No worries.

But the woman is seriously rude, O can't stand people like that.

Jennifer said...

How mean of her to trick you like that! I would have wanted that quarter too. I like quarters.

*~Dani~* said...

sprinkles - I grab every piece of spare change I can. Quarters are the creme de le creme. I was just stunned and did not react quick enough. I hope you find work soon!

phishez - my thoughts exactly at that moment.

Andhari - I agree with both of your points.

Jennifer - it was mean. it did work. I do love quarters too.

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, may all your wishes come true!

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