Friday, December 31, 2010

Quick Poll as This Year Comes to an End to Determine Whether You Know B and I

While everyone else in the blogosphere is focusing on the new year, resolutions, and reliving the past, I like to focus on what is really important - what I plan on doing tonight. 

Not much.

How fun was that? It will undoubtedly involve watching movies, flipping TV channels and surfing the net. B has to work, although he will be home before midnight.

In honor of my huge plans, I bring you a post I wrote in June. No kidding.  Be prepared for more of that in 2011.  New Year/Old Posts. That's my new slogan.


The following movies were just shipped to our house by Netflix:

1. Daybreakers
2. Capturing the Killer Croc
3. Descent: Part 2
4. 2012

So, my faithful blog readers, which 2 movies belong to B and which two belong to me? I think this might be an easy one, but you never know.

Bonus points to the person who can guess who in this house is receiving the following movie:

The Twilight Saga: Eclipse

What say you, readers?

Whether you are staying in and watching movies, going out and partying, watching the ball drop, or sleeping through the New Year, stay safe and have a great time.

From our family to yours,

4 important things being said:

j'lynn said...

Okay...taking into account I think I've heard of 2 of the 5 movies listed here goes...

1 & 4=B
2 & 3=D
Twilight=B did I do?

Happy New Year's to all of you... :)

Sandie said...

I'm totally guessing here, but since I know you like scary movies I would say:

Daybreakers and Descent:Part 2 are yours.

And the other two are B.

As for the Twilight Saga: Eclipse. Tricky, I would have said you, but that seems to easy so I'll go with B :)

Happy New Year!

sprinkles said...

Happy New Year!

*~Dani~* said...

jlynn - you got three out of five right. You are forgiven since you haven't heard of most of the movies. Honestly, I never heard of two of them.

Sandie - you know us so well! Even the trick question that B said I made so obvious with my wording. Happy New Year!

sprinkles - Happy New Year darlin'

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