Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Just Another Night Where Someone Loses An Eye But No One Does Anything About It

Last night around 11 or so, I came downstairs to tell B a few things:

B: What's up?

Me: I have a list of things I have to say...

B: Are they about Black Swan?

Me: We could start there. That movie was stupid. Stupid! Maybe it didn't help that I had an idea of what was happening the whole time, even though I still don't know what happened.  Or that I knew the ending. But it was STUPID! I just wasted one hour and 48  minutes of my life when I could have been watching my DVR.

Me: Speaking of DVR, Franklin & Bash is FUNNY.

B: You watch Franklin & Bash?

Me: YES! And it is FUNNY.  Really, how could you go wrong with the comedic timing of Breckin Meyer and John Paul Gosselar.

B: Mark-Paul

Me: What?

B: His name is Mark-Paul not John Paul.

Me: John Paul sounds more French.

B: He is not French.

Me: Yes, he is. I looked it up. French Canadian.*

B: You looked him up and you still don't know his name?

Me: Whatever? Next up. My butt hurts like I walked many miles in it but really it is just from sitting on my ass. I don't know if that is sad or awesome so I am going with awesome.

Me: Also, I had a dream last night that Chester lost an eyeball. He scooted into the room holding it out to me. I alternated between screaming AHHHHHHHHH and saying "it will be okay Chester."  Guess who didn't come to help me although he was in the next room? That's right! You!  OUR CAT HAD NO EYEBALL. NO EYEBALL!!!

B:  Going to bed?
Me: Yep.
B: Night.
Me: Night.


*Actually he is not French or Canadian or even French Canadian. He was born to a Dutch born father and an Indonesian born mother. What up with the hypenated French sounding name parents? Way to confuse someone who is only half paying attention.**

**Yes, I had to go look that up. Again!

6 important things being said:

Cindy said...

You and that B are too much!! LOL... I saw that Black Swan at the theatre...on purpose on a whim....with one of my gfs...fa-reaky, awkward, weird!!!

*~Dani~* said...

Cindy - it was really weird and awkward and not that enthralling, in my opinion.

Anonymous said...

Did B like Black Swan? I know my B is now a fan of ballet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*~Dani~* said...

Jennifer - I think B liked part of Black Swan. I am sure you know what part.

Chris - your favorite cousin said...

Not a fan of Black Swan - I believe I am now stupider for watching it. And...I yell at my hubby for all sorts fo things he does/doesn't do in my dreams. Must run in the blood.

*~Dani~* said...

Chris - so frustrating to be mad at someone for something they have no memory of doing. Kind of like Eric on True Blood.

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