Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Plant, Palmer, and Page: Sounds Like a Rock and Roll Band

The other day B and I were on our way to dinner with friends. B likes to listen to either (a) talk radio or (b) sports. I prefer to listen to neither. Unless it is talk radio. Then I make fun of the callers, even if I have no clue what they are talking about. B loves this.

So on this particular day, B was listening to actual sports. A football game to be exact. I did not think I was listening until I heard the announcer say "Robert Plant just fell on the field" or something like that.  This intrigued me:

Me: Did that guy just say the player's name was ROBERT PLANT?
B: Yes, but it is just his name.
Me: Well, I know.  But now all I can think of are women in black dresses and the player snapping his fingers singing "Simply Irrestible" (Note: I may have sung a verse or two here).
B: What? That's Robert Palmer not Robert Plant.
Me:  That's right. Easy mistake since they were in a band together.
B: WHAT? No they were not.
B: No. You are crazy.
Me: I am going to look it up.
Me: ...
Me: Huh. I may have been thinking about Robert Page and Robert Plant.
B: Oh. Were they in a band together or something?



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