Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Four for the Fourth for You

The girls and boys wanted to show you their patriotic side this Fourth of July. This post is so late because it took me that long to get their d@$& pictures!

Mooch is last because he was the hardest. He had no less than 12 takes.  I envisioned the cats would sit nicely and stare at the camera. Clearly, I was delusional.

If you are wondering who that cat in the middle is, stay tuned.

For now, I sign off to either the sound of fireworks or gun shots. At this point I am unsure.

Happy Fourth of July, everyone!


3 important things being said:

Cindy said...

Awww those are cute and worth your efforts!!

sprinkles said...

Aww, someone got a new kitty!

Hope your fourth was happy and that you enjoyed the CDAN reveals. I haven't read them yet.

*~Dani~* said...

@Cindy - I hope so. Maybe next time I will use appropriately colored ribbon on a string for the cats.

@sprinkles - we sure did. By now you know his name is Bert. He is cute :)

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