Monday, January 02, 2006

Fire & Ice

So this morning started off with a fire...not ours (thank god!). I was sitting at the computer sweeping and surfing when I smelled bacon. This made me think I should have started the day at National Coney instead with the usual oatmeal. But I digress. B comes in and asks what is going on downstairs. That is when the horrendous noise sinks in. I look outside and see a police officer. Yep, fire down below. A fire truck, two police cars, one neighbor and a huge fan.

B is convinced that our downstairs neighbor ("The Smoker") has finally fallen asleep with a cigarette dangling from her mouth and actually accuses her of that to her face (more like "smoking" with an accusatory face after she says she has a fire). But, alas, it was just a grease fire. The bacon combined with a million things next to her stove (or so says the observant neighbor). The police are smirking. B is shaking his head. I am wondering why no one has bothered to tell us that there is a fire right below us!!

After this dilemma, I grab my cell phone, to tell the world of course, but get distracted by a text message. My friend is engaged!! She got engaged early this morning but of course I didn't notice the message until later after the "fire". There had been rumors of an engagement and ring shopping and marriage and moving out of state. Apparently two of those things have happened for sure. Congrats Q!

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