Sunday, June 22, 2008

March Moments

So I am all can see that. To catch us up, I am going to do one post for March, April and May. Then we can get back to semi-daily posts. So, here it is - March in a nutshell:

-During a deposition when talking about diet, out came this quote:

I keep trying to turn my back on the pig, but it just keeps coming.

I almost didn't keep a straight face for that one.

-Best story for this month - at the office I decide to go and get my lunch as I was starving. I head into the kitchen and see three strangers (possibly clients) all sitting at the table. The minute I walk in, they stop in mid sentence and stare at me like *I* am intruding on *them* in the kitchen. Yeah, they do not work there. I do. It is lunch time and I am hungry. As they keep staring at me and eating our free pretzels and cheez its, I decide to leave. I find a coworker and tell the story. We go back into the kitchen where it is empty. While we are standing there, me in front of the microwave, two of them come back. The one guy then says "excuse me" to me so that he can get more free cheez its. Pretty ballsy to ask an employee of the place to move so that you can mooch some free snacks! 

-We apparently have a weathergirl at the office. Someone commented about how it was raining. Weathergirl said "I don't believe it is raining. According to the puddle, it is not." How very scientific.

That's it for March folks. It was a pretty stressful month as I was getting ready for and in trial. More on that in April.

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