Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Random Office Tales Part Deux

Yes, the tales just keep coming.  

So, walking along the hall today from the kitchen to the bathroom when I notice that there is someone walking behind me.   It is one of my coworker's mother.  Yes, apparently if you are overworked and need your filing done, our office will hire your mother to assist you.

(Mom: Are you reading this? You know my assistant keeps on losing my stuff. You may be recruited, I mean hired, at any time. Be forewarned!)

This woman, who I only know as "Mom" (as if I am going to call some strange woman in the office "Mom" simply because she is someone's mother), rarely talks to me. I say hi to her when I see her because she usually just says hi and moves along her way, which you all know I like.  Today, however, was different. When I turned around she said "My God you have a beautiful figure."  Well, okay then.  I thank her profusely and go about my way.  It was a very sincere compliment but odd in its tone and in the fact that I have had the same figure the entire time I have worked there and was not even wearing a new outfit.

Yeah, I know I am hot. Don't be jealous.

Oh, and then to add to that. I received a phone call a few hours later from Mom's daughter calling me from the phone booth.  You read that right.  Our office has a phone booth - two in fact.  Okay, they are not really booths but little rooms with a phone and a chair and a small table. I guess for clients or others to use when they need to call someone and do not want everyone in the conference room to hear them.  

However, in my mind they are phone booths, probably because of both their use and their size.  And, yes, that is where I go to change into my beautiful figure - how did you guess?  Also, that is apparently where much of my stuff goes when it disappears (Mom: take note).  My coworker called to tell me that a huge stack of my stuff was in the phone booth.  Who knows how long it had been there.  Our office has vortexes that take stuff from one area of the office and makes it reappear somewhere totally different and random. But it keeps us on our toes. Just like the random compliments and random office tales.

Carry on.

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