Monday, January 21, 2008

Grout it Out!

B decided we needed a new kitchen floor. He likes to do projects around the house when he has time. He has never tiled a floor before, but what better place to do it for the first time, but in a tiny little kitchen?  So he spent quite some time measuring, gluing, getting pieces cut and placing them exactly to the measurements.  Then, when the tiles were all set, he decided to grout it. That is where I came in, somewhat reluctantly.

B called me over to see how it was going and what it looked like. Next thing I know, I am hunkered down helping him grout the kitchen floor. A few hours later and we are all done. B wanted to take an action picture because he said that people will not believe I actually helped grout the floor. I am offended! Why wouldn't I help? I am handy!  He says he cannot believe it and he was there.  Pfft!

Without further comment, here is our brand new kitchen floor. Not bad for a pair of rookies, as B would say:

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