Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Pessimistically Optimistic

Today was the first work day of the New Year. I was so excited to take my newfound hopes and dreams to the office to conquer the legal world. Alas, that only lasted about.....20 minutes.

Within 20 minutes of my arrival, one of my assistants comes in with a gift - a mug with cocoa called the Pessimistically Optimistic mug. One half says "do it now" and the other half says "do it later." We discuss how we are going to try to be so much more positive in 2008. walks my favorite sparring Partner who announces "What is wrong with you? You look like hell!" Come on, now this isn't even fair. It has only been 20 minutes and I am faced with this...on the first day of the new working year???? I declare that I do not, in fact, look like hell. But sparring Partner confirms that I really do. He then announces that he is a germ incubator so I banish him from my office.

I would like to be able to say that the day just got so much better, but it didn't. I had to rush across town to keep a forgotten appointment to just sit there, wait, and return. I did manage to snag some more 75% discounted xmas items from Target but even that could not save my day.

Ahhh...remember when I was so happy and hopeful, so positively optimistic? Was that just yesterday?

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