Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Random Office Tales

So, I head into the kitchen for a cup of coffee because I have been working too many hours this week and am barely awake. Yes, it is only Tuesday. It will not get better until Friday.  I see my favorite sparring Partner. He looks grumpy.  I say "why so grumpy?" To which he tells me that it is hard to get back to work after a day off.  Unwisely, but something I would usually do in conversation with him, I ask "what did you do on your day off?"  Now, there are many things that could have been and many things that probably should have been said.  Quite often he goes out of state to visit the new addition to his family. Since it was a Monday he took off, I figured that was the case. I figured wrong.  Sparring Partner, instead, replied:

"I had a colonoscopy."

Okay ~ gross and just so, so wrong.  I do not need to know about that. Especially when I am standing in the kitchen about to take a drink of coffee.  My reply, no joke, was "Ewww gross." To which I recieved a long explanation about how colonoscopies are not gross, they are now standard, and so common, they have the procedure down pat, etc.  Um, yeah, I wasn't really saying the colonoscopy was gross necessarily, however, being told that was what happened to you on your day off instead of something neutral like "I had a doctor's appointment," that is what is gross.

I do not need to know what crawled up your ass ~ literally.

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