Wednesday, March 04, 2009

When There's Work to "B" Done...

A man needs his workspace. And as B has a future in tin making and a present in house renovation, he needed a good area for all of his tools and his ever growing blade collection. You see, without a proper tool area, B just kept buying more blades. Turns out he has quite the collection now. At last, though, he had all of those blades and his much more important tools all at his disposal and easily visualized. Let's take a look, shall we?

Remember THIS?




Look at all of those tools! One can only imagine what can be done with all of those pliers. And wrenches. And paint. Yep, that is all I can identify from that picture. Oh and those hammers.

Let the "After" party continue...

You are probably wondering, what is that strange thing at the top of those shelves? Why that is B's very first TV. Yes, he kept it. Apparently it works. Well until June and the big digital cable switch. Then it will just be a TV on top of a shelf.


4 important things being said:

Katelin said...

oh man this is like my boyfriends dream, haha. nice job.

Jennifer said...

I cannot wait until B starts his career in tin making! He will be pounding out those stars any day now!

Debi said...

Tell B. he fixed that up really neat !
After seeing all the pliers, if you guys ever need some extra money, just get a big old chair and B. can pull teeth. :)
Oh - is everyone getting something made out of tin with stars for Christmas next year - ROFL

*~Dani~* said...

Katelin - men do love their tools, dont they?

Jennifer - stars all the way around!

Mom - the possiblities are endless. As for the stars, thanks for ruining the surprise! ;)

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