Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Ding Dong the Drapes Are Gone!

I am sure I do not have to post an original picture of our master bedroom drapes for you regular readers to remember how atrocious they truly were. But, for those of you new to the blog, I will post one so you don't have to follow a link.

Look at these beauties that the prior owners left us:

You are loving them, I know it. With that carpet, what is not to love? Well, we hung on to them WAY too long. It was easy - they were there, they fit, they kept out the cold and the light and, more importantly, we did not know what to replace them with.

Until we visited Ikea to buy my desk. Then we found what I thought were the perfect drapes. I immediately walked over and stroked them and declared the shopping trip a victory. Soft, with the gray from the room, but also cream, black and blue. Take a look:

Quite the improvement, right? So you are thinking, well Dani those are awfully LONG. Yes, they are. They only came in one size. You know what that means? Dani has to hem them. Think about THAT for a moment. Dani does not even sew. Lucky for me the Swedish must know this and provided some handy little strips that I am supposed to iron on to hem them. As you can see, I have yet to do this. However, it will be done soon as I keep tripping on the ones by the larger window and I would hate for B to take a big spill in the early morning hours.

And just because I love how they look with the sun shining in, here are some more shots:

This is my favorite - sun and a breeze coming in. So romantic in a conservative stripey way.

Before I could stop him, B sent the old drapes to the great garbage pail in the sky. I thought we should have sent them to Goodwill. B had a different opinion "Who would want THOSE?"

Probably people that were too lazy to get anything else for four months.

You know, us.

7 important things being said:

Debbie said...

You got those drapes at IKEA? I LOVE THEM!! Very nice. We plan to hit an IKEA again, hopefully in the not too distant future. I'll definitely have to check out their drapes when we go.

Ruth said...

The drapes look great. I think in the olden days if you let the drapes puddle on the floor it showed that you rich enough to have extra fabric.

Kacie said...

Beautiful! And they make the room look so much bigger.

Jennifer said...

Mom was that when you were a kid? Nah, it probably when Dad was little! LOL.

Anyways, I love them! They look awesome.

Living Dees Life said...

i want those drapes for my living room!!

the new ones not the old ones

i hate my verticle blinds.

you got some fabulous taste my friend!!

fingers said...

And if Dani was a really smart cookie, she'd get B to get out the toolbox and raise the curtain rail 15cms instead.
Then she wouldn't have to lift so much as a thimble in anger...

*~Dani~* said...

Debbie - yes, can you believe it? This is one thing I can take credit for, spotting them immediately and convincing B they would be perfect (he agreed). And IKEA, so you know they werent expensive. They are velvet like too.

Ruth - I am totally going to convince B that we need to keep them look so we can appear rich and like we belong in this neighborhood. Good plan!

Kacie - they really do. It is amazing. I will post another picture soon where I took the duvet cover off and just left the white comforter. It looks even better!

Jenny - Your Dad probably has a picture about this very thing in his collection!

Blaez - they can be yours with a quick IKEA trip! And I never really thought you meant the old ones :)

fingers - don't think I didn't think of that cause I did. Problem is with the one window, the curtain rails are as high as they can go because the wall actually slopes there. We have some strange curves in this house. B informed me one couldnt raise one set of curtains without raising the other because that would look strange. I am sure he is right. Iron on hemming, here I come!

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