Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Sometimes I Can Only Process One Thing in My Brain. That Makes it Monotastic Time!

One week ago I had a trial. It lasted two and a half days. I spent a week and a half preparing for it. All I could think about that entire time and almost through today, a week later, were the details of the trial. Seriously.

I know every date that woman had treatment. Every doctor with whom she treated. The dates she received care by friends. The dates she missed work. Her alleged injuries. The name of her children.

But that is all I know.

My brain, although I would like to think it is quite large, when it goes into trial function, can only process one subject - TRIAL. In fact, my response to almost everything was screaming "I AM IN TRIAL." It didn't matter what the question was:

"We need to talk about refinancing" : I AM IN TRIAL!

"What kind of new car do you want?" : I AM IN TRIAL!

"Are you going to eat that?" : I AM IN TRIAL!

Special shout out to B who put up with me for those two weeks. I am sure it wasn't easy. Also, a special shout out to Jersey who was quite distracting when I needed it most.

Anyway, I am here to say that now I have put it all behind me and I am ready to use sentences that do not involve the words "trial," "objection," "your honor," and "assholes." Okay, maybe not that last one.

Trial is exhausting.

Tonight while driving home, I stopped at a light and saw a man on the corner with headphones on - dancing away. Actually, he was putting on quite a show for those watching. Huge smile. Crazy moves. Seriously a cross between rap and the robot? Anyway, he made me smile. In fact, he was in the exact spot that the guy told B that he was just "singing a song." This guy was just dancing a dance.

And it reminded me of a conversation earlier today when a colleague asked if I ever wished I was doing something else with my life. Something creative. I told him that I thought about that a lot. Lawyering is exhausting, frustrating and time consuming.

And tonight? Tonight I wanted to be that man on the corner, just dancing a dance with the hugest smile ever. No obvious cares.

Lord knows I shouldn't sing in public.

7 important things being said:

Rach said...

So *that's* where you've been! I was beginning to wonder. Welcome back to... well... the world!

Jennifer said...

I think being a lawyer is being creative!

j'lynn said...

I was about to call your office & your hubby!! I was getting worried about ya! Glad your trial is over! Hoe it went well!!

j'lynn said...

Opps, I meant "Hope it went well!!"


Living Dees Life said...

I am sure that being a lawyer you have to get creative... Actually, if you think about it there is a form of creativeness required for every job :)

Andhari said...

Woohooo all of the busy schedule is now out of the picture, yes? Have fun catching up on things you enjoy in the real world :p

*~Dani~* said...

Rach - Yes, I try not to disappear often, but sometimes work is too much. Especially with trial. Now it is like I have removed the glasses. Figuratively of course.

Jenny - it can definitely be creative, but most days it does not feel like it.

jlynn - you are too funny! It went rather well. Not a no cause, but they didn't get everything they wanted so I guess it is a win.

Blaez - there really is, but you know how the grass is always greener, or more creative, on the other side. I suffer from that condition quite often.

Andhari - I have been having a blast so far. Until the next trial...

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