Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Crime Watch Wenesday - It Probably Isn't Wise to Make Threats on the Phone to Companies that Tape Calls Regularly

This week's Crime Watch Wednesday is proof that it is probably not wise to threaten anyone over the phone.

A man phoned his insurance company and threatened to shoot the employees despite the fact that he did not know who they were and despite the fact that they were actually located in a different state. He was upset about his insurance being cancelled despite the fact that he had stopped paying for it. He threatened to shoot them twice and then followed up with a statement to the effect that they could call the CIA, the FBI or the "asshole in the White House" but he was going to blow someone away.

Whoa, whoa, whoa partner.  You have taken this a bit too far. "Call the CIA"? Like the CIA has a phone number where an insurance company can just dial in and say some lunatic insured is threatening to blow them up. That is not even CIA territory.  

As for the "asshole in the White House," you are going to have to be more specific. You could be talking about anyone from half the Senate, half the Congress or the guy that walks the President's dog. 

Really, though, what is the big deal? You got insurance and then you stopped paying for it and they canceled it. If you want it back PAY FOR IT.  If you don't, go about your business.  Imagine if someone came to your place of business and demanded something without paying for it.  Would you just give it to them if they threatened to shoot you? Or would that be a robbery?  Did you just threaten to rob your insurance company? You know they don't have a giant safe with cash like a bank, right?  That is only in the movies.

Speaking of movies, have you ever seen the movies where the main character's every move is being watched, the government listens in on his phone calls, and inevitably his entire identity is wiped out? I won't go so far to say that your identity will be wiped out dear sir, however, you should note that none of those characters actually threatened anyone. They were just minding their business.

You, on the other hand, have actually threatened people. Over the phone. At an insurance company. Where they routinely tape every call.  I am sure you probably gave them your full name and address too.

Who you gonna call now?

4 important things being said:

sprinkles said...

Lol, that guy is an idiot! I'm sure he must've given them his name and stuff in order to discuss his account so yeah, the CIA, the FBI or the "asshole in the White House" will know exactly who to arrest.

*~Dani~* said...

sprinkles - exactly! What a rocket scientist this one is.

Jennifer said...

Nice. What a loser. Sometimes I get frustrated with my insurance companies and stuff too. But I pay my bills, so I have a right to yell at them.

*~Dani~* said...

Jennifer - yes, paying bills gives you more rights than loser guy. Then again, the fact that you pay your bills is probably why you dont threaten companies with bodily harm.

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