Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Crime Watch Wednesday: I Lost My Dog and My Man, But This Ain't No Country Song

It's been a while, hasn't it?  Over two weeks. I am tried of giving you the same refrain "I had a trial. It is tiring.  Litigating is hard." However, I will say this one was crazy because I basically had to try the same case twice, one week at a time, in front of a different jury each time.  And guess what? I won one and lost the other. Go figure. The best news? I think I am done with trials for a while.  Whew! It has been a long 10 months.

It is Wednesday which is typically Crime Watch Wednesdays around here. When I remember. This week I bring you a special Crime Watch Wednesday starring me, B and Jersey. We haven't made the Crime Watch Chronicles. Yet.

So it was the night before my trial. The first one. I decided to go to bed around 11 and B thought he would let Jersey out for one more bathroom break so she could go to bed with me.  As I am making the bed (yes sometimes I make the bed at night) I hear B yell out Jersey's name in that panicked you-better-get-back-here-right-now voice. The last time he yelled that out, she had run across two streets to go "play" with some dogs being walked by their owner. They were not fun dogs and she was soon cowering back.  Anyway, I ran over to the bedroom window to find B walking down the street with a flashlight. Not a good sign.

I did not even put on a coat, but just ran out in my pajama pants and sweatshirt. I could not see either of them. Having no idea what had happened, I decided I would go in the opposite direction that I saw B head, just in case Jersey was some super ninja dog that went left, fooled B, and then went right.  Just as I made it to the corner I heard B yelling Jersey's name again from the opposite end of the block.  I turned and started to make my way back there, all the time hearing B yelling her name.

At this point I am walking down the street with the following thoughts going through my head:

"I cannot believe we lost our dog the day before my trial."

"How am I going to sleep tonight?"

"How am I going to try a case tomorrow when I will be thinking my dog is lost and dead somewhere?"

"Why do we keep losing our flippin' animals?"

Just then, I see Jersey dart across the street and on to my same sidewalk.  I excitedly called her name and clapped and she came booking straight toward me just as I heard a car come down the street.  I prayed she would just come straight to me and thankfully she did.  I made her sit and called B's name a few times, but he had vanished.  So I walked Jersey home, locked her up inside and went back out yelling B's name.  Well trying to yell quietly. It was late at night after all.

Finally, I spotted him far away, got his attention and told him I had her.  As he got closer he said "did she have a rabbit in her mouth?" Um, no.  Apparently she took off after a rabbit before B could even say her name. When I heard him yell the second time when I was in the street she took off between some houses never to be seen again.  As we are discussing this two more cars drive down the street. Police.  Of course. Our yelling was not going to go unnoticed.

They did not stop.

You see two people out in the cold late at night, yelling, one wearing pajama pants and you just drive by.

Policing is hard work people.

Apparently so is pet ownership.

Could I ever do anything wrong?

5 important things being said:

Anonymous said...

Please, people yelling in the street in pajama pants is CLASSY round these parts! AT LEAST YOU HAD ON PANTS

Anonymous said...

Ok so you probably will hate this comment but I've got to say it. Letting your dog out off-leash ever is a really really bad idea. You've now had two occasions where something seriously awful could have happened to your dog. The fact that your dog came back to you unhurt both times is no reason to continue to tempt fate.

Anonymous said...

Why is it that people with such great advice choose to remain anonymous?

What is your blog address? Where can I learn more?

Jennifer said...

I wondered that myself B. although I am not one to talk seeing how the cable guy returned Buddy to me a few weeks ago.....

*~Dani~* said...

hoodyhoo - maybe the cops would have stopped it I didn't have pants on. Maybe not.

Anonymous - I do not hate your comment. We always try to have our baby leashed or fenced in. Unfortunately, mistakes happen. Also, some stories are greatly exaggerated for comic effect :)

B - It is people that are concerned they are going to be met with an angry commenter that choose to remain anonymous. I wonder why they would think that?

Jennifer - you know that makes it sound like your cable guy had Buddy for weeks, right? How's that electric fence working out ;)

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