Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Crime Watch Wednesday - You Can't Ring My Bell, Even If I Asked You To

This week's Crime Watch Wednesday brings us yet another tale of a suspicious man that turns out not to be all that suspicious after all.  It was just about this time last year that I brought you the story of the man who thought he was going to be murdered because someone had the audacity to ring his bell?  This one is even worse, folks.

A woman reported a suspicious looking man possibly attempting to break into her house around lunch time. She told police that he was knocking on her door and she was afraid that was the gateway action to actually breaking in. When police responded and demanded identification from the man, it turns out he was the woman's insurance agent and was there for an appointment that the woman had just made the day before. His story was confirmed with the woman. There is no indication as to whether she actually purchased insurance that day.

I know I was harsh on the first guy last year. Ignore your doorbell, no one is murdering you and so on. This woman?  She made an appointment THE DAY BEFORE.  Since she made the appointment, I can only assume she knew WHAT TIME HE WAS COMING. Therefore, she should have know the man KNOCKING ON HER DOOR was the guy SHE INVITED OVER.

Maybe I am asking for too much here?

Also, I have never had an insurance salesman even offer to come to my office let alone my house. I remember one time I had to sign some official paper crap (seriously not even necessary) and they wanted me to drive over an hour on my "lunch hour" to their office. Um, hi! I am your customer.  Could you perhaps do something to accomodate me?

Yep. Still bitter.

6 important things being said:

sprinkles said...

OMG, that's funny! I regularly ignore people if they ring my doorbell and I don't know they're coming over. If my parents happen to drop by unexpectedly, they know to ring the doorbell like 5 or 6 times in a row and I'll answer.

But even so, I would never call the police to say someone was attempting to break into my house!

I've never had an insurance company offer to drop by either. I've found with insurance companies that they usually just make my life that much more difficult.

Anonymous said...

The people in your town would NEVER MAKE IT in Ye Olde Apartment Complex... we've had the damn SWAT team in my building no less than twice in the last couple of months! It's always refreshing to hear somebody running on the stairs and look out to see a bunch of dudes with assault rifles!

*~Dani~* said...

sprinkles - luckily our doorbell doesn't work. It has saved me from many a salesperson and boy scout. Like you, I wouldn't call the police unless the person actually started breaking into my house!

hoodyhoo - but do you ever have the show COPS filming in your complex?

Anonymous said...

COPS hasn't been here yet, I think we may be too low-class for them. We're more "Real Stories of the Highway Patrol" level, ya know.

Jennifer said...

I always ring the doorbell when I want to break into someone's house. Always.

I also ignore the doorbell. Or try to anyways. I sometimes can't resist answering because I think it is Publishers Clearing house with my million dollar check.

*~Dani~* said...

hoodyhoo - if COPS shows up, notify me immediately. I want to see that show!

Jennifer - it is only polite to ring someone's doorbell before robbing them you know. Even though our doorbell doesn't work, I would hope I would notice Publisher's Clearing House what with the van and balloons and what not. Then again, I never enter that so I am probably not going to win.

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