Monday, February 14, 2011

Is It Hoarding If You Still Get a Discount?

While I was writing yesterday's post about B basically rebuilding our back porch, I realized that the first picture was taken over 2 and a half years ago. All this time it was just sitting in my post queue waiting for life.  Then, THAT reminded me of something that happened recently while my mother and I were shopping.

We were at one of my favorite stores, Bed, Bath & Beyond, and seriously buying up the place. Luckily, I had many 20% coupons, although none to spare like last time. If you are a BBB shopper, you know that those 20% off coupons are golden and, better yet, the store will take them even if they expire. So I keep a stash at home and in my car and rotate them.  

It had been a while since I had shopped there, but I had just enough coupons for me and my mother's purchases.  We were close because we had just been there a few weeks prior and exhausted my car supply.

Anyhow, I noticed that my mother's cashier was having a difficult time with one of her coupons. My mom told me that it wasn't going through for some reason.  So I look at the cashier, puzzled.  She tells me that sometimes coupons won't go through if they are more than two years old.

Me: Oh, I find it hard to believe that I have a coupon that is two years old!
Cashier: Actually, this coupon is from 2002.

Um, I had a coupon over eight years old. OVER EIGHT YEARS OLD. I have tried to tell B I am not a hoarder. This is not helping my cause. My mom said maybe it was her coupon. That is not helping her cause.

The coupon was a lost cause and the cashier just tore it in half while looking at us with pity.

I have been keeping an eye out for the cameras ever since.

5 important things being said:

Jennifer said...

It is totally not hoarding. The fact that you actually found and used the coupon means you are organized. And organized people are not hoarders. At least that is what I tell myself.

Anonymous said...

we didn't live here two and a half years ago.

*~Dani~* said...

Jennifer - thank you. I like to think I am organized.

Anon - I don't think I have ever made it a secret that I am bad at math. It was one and a half years ago a/k/a four months after we moved in.

Unknown said...

Coupon from 2002?

Yep you are a hoarder....

*~Dani~* said...

@Brahm - but it might not be mine!! Yep, I am probably a hoarder.

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