Friday, April 22, 2011

I Don't Care Who Died on What Cross, I Just Need Some Cash!

With today being Good Friday and all, B and I decided to go for fish and chips like good nonpracticing Catholics (and at least one of us not at all Catholic). This required cash because the place only accepts cash. Seriously. We were there today and the guy in front of us tried to charge his dinner. The cashier laughed at him. He thought it was a joke and then realized it wasn't and she was laughing AT him.  He then realized he had to leave and find an ATM in a rather rough side of town. Definitely no joke there.  Oh, but they do take checks. CHECKS! Who carries those anymore? The guy looked at her like she said they take blood samples as payment.

Anyway, I headed off to an ATM in a good neighborhood (yay to planning ahead) after I left the office.  Just as I pulled my card from the machine and turned around, an older lady in her 80s came in:

Lady: Is the credit union CLOSED?

As I turned toward the totally dark and obviously closed bank, I say:

Me: Yes, it appears that it is.
Lady: WHY?
Me: Good Friday?
Lady: What?
Lady: There is not even a sign posted.
Me: It is right there. 

I point to a large sign that says the credit union will be closed all day in observance of Good Friday.

Lady: Wait! It has been closed ALL DAY?
Me: I have no idea.

As I leave, I hear her muttering "That is just STUPID." She then walks in the rain to her car, gets in and THEN proceeds to put on a plastic hair protector.  As she is tying it under her chin, another car pulls up and a woman gets out.  The old lady rolls down her window and yells:


She may have also muttered something about Good Friday.  New lady says "I'm just here for the ATM..."

Interesting.  So was I. It seems the only person that wasn't was the older lady. Is she against the ATM? Does she not know how they work? What is is that she needs done by a teller that she cannot do herself at an ATM?

Maybe the old lady should go to the fish place. She would feel right at home at a place that only does actual cash transactions and nothing with those "newfangled" ATM things. I can just picture her walking in, seeing the long line and exclaiming "Is there a LINE? WHY? What does Good Friday have to do with FISH? ...stupid..."

Happy Easter!

4 important things being said:

Jennifer said...

I am always so thrown when a place only takes cash. Only cash?? What??? At least they don't let you get your plate and then tell you that you cant eat it because you can't pay for it.

sprinkles said...

The salon I go to just down the street doesn't take debit cards either. It's either check or cash.

Rebekah said...

I love Fish Fry Season! And I hate dealing in cash. We always have to make a special ATM stop to get dollars before hitting the fry circuit.

*~Dani~* said...

Jennifer - It is old school to just take cash. Actually, in this place, they would have done that. He was done eating and had brought his bill up. Not sure what they do when people dont have cash other than make them go to the ATM. And do they hold their dinner mates hostage?

sprinkles - weird, especially for a salon?

Rebekah - we love Fish Fry season too. I think B loves it so much, he would become Cathlolic if they were the only ones that did it.

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