Sunday, May 01, 2011

It's Not My Fault That Your Hair Is Buggy.

It all started with a dream I had last week.  A bad dream. A creepy dream. One that stayed with me for so long the next day, I told everyone, including B, about it while repeatedly shaking and saying something along the lines of "BLAHHAYYYY". Whatever that means.  The dream in question? It went a little something like this:

I notice that flies keep getting stuck in my hair and the buzzing is driving me crazy. My Dad tells me maybe I should start brushing it. I tell him I just brushed it that morning and could he please just help me get them out. Then my hand goes by my ear and I feel a tickle. I pull a fly out of the inside of my ear, and then another. They are coming from my ears. My Dad and brother refuse to go to the hospital with me, both saying they have to work. I scream THERE ARE FLIES LIVING IN MY EARS!! They are not affected.

Fast forward to today. B and I are outside with the dogs when he nonchalantly says as walking away, "There's a bug in your hair." When I responded predictably with outright horror and a shriek "ARE YOU SERIOUS? WHERE? GET IT OUT! OUT!," he just shrugged and said "somewhere."  He would not even respond to my pleas to get it out.  Can you believe this? What is wrong with the men in my life and in my dreams? Where are the gentlemen that would help a woman get a bug out of her hair? Not in my life apparently. You know what B said in response to all of this?  I will give you one hint, it is the title of this post.

Speaking of this post, I know B will probably say that he cannot believe I "wasted" a post on a dream and a stupid bug in my hair when I could be telling you and showing you about our awesome vacation.  True.  You know what my response to that is? We took too many damn pictures. Seriously. Who takes almost 2000 pictures?  I need time to figure out what to present to you so that you will not think that we have lost our damn minds.  

So stay tuned.

5 important things being said:

Anonymous said...

"somewhere." SOMEWHERE? That has never been and will never be an appropriate response to "Where is the bug in my hair?"

Brian said...

That might be what I would say if I had read the entire post. No pictures = no read.

We had so many adventures last months WITH pictures and we get a dream post.


Jennifer said...

LOL!!!!!!!!! It sounds like someone needs to start their own blog and post their own pictures and tell about their adventures on it.

Cindy said...

Wow, this is creepy! I wonder what the "meaning" would be if one of those dream people analyzed it?? Maybe something about men being *******?? (However, Brian is cracking me up...and I do want to know more about your trip!!)

*~Dani~* said...

hoodyhoo - "somewhere" is NEVER an appropriate response to that statement. He is lucky I didnt run around screaming and shaking my hair.

Brian - I am sorry that you have not yet learned to read. I will come upstairs later and share a picture book with you. Don't forget your blankie.

Jennifer - no kidding, right? Big talk. Big plans. Big nothing.

Cindy - so creepy! Yes, men are pretty much like bugs. That's what I take from it.

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