Thursday, May 10, 2012

This Post Is Hard to Write

When I said our pack had changed, I just didn't say how it had changed. Sadly, we have lost one.

Our beautiful and loving Chester is gone.

Our fat cat.

Our love buddy.

Our nap partner.

Our mentor and teacher for Brad.

Our alarm clock for feeding time.

Our lover and hunter of birds.

Our mediator between the cats

Our enforcer for the dogs.

Our roll-on-his-back-and-let-anyone-rub-his-belly boy.

We lost him too soon. We tried to hang on to him for a little bit longer, but his body couldn't handle it.  So, one week ago today, our family of animals became four. It was a tough week full of difficult decisions.  We were thankful for the extra time and miss him incredibly.

In memory of Chester, I offer you his bio which you can read here.  You can also search "Chester" in the search box to the left and read the stories I have posted thorughout the years. He was quite the character.

Rest easy, buddy. We miss you.

EDIT:  B informs me that no Chester post would be complete without the following picture:

He is right. That picture is what happened if we didn't listen to the alarm clock. No amount of magnets could keep his paw from opening that cupboard. We eventually got wise and just moved the food.  That did not stop him from continuing to try.

Love you, Chester Pester!


3 important things being said:

Cindy said...

Sorry about Chester...I remember B posted on FB that he was sick. Makes me sad for your loss...I know it's hard when the pack changes -- hold onto those pics and memories!

sprinkles said...

I'm so sorry for your loss. I just lost a pet too, so I can empathize.

*~Dani~* said...

Cindy - it was a sad time, but we enjoyed him for quite some time. Hopefully things will settle down.

sprinkles - I am sorry for your loss, too. Tell us about your pet so we can grieve with you.

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