Sunday, August 26, 2012

Can I Interest You in a Little Fine Dining or at Least the Furniture to Do So?

Remember back in May when I informed you I lost my dining room set when B took my offhand comment super seriously? Well, just as I thought we would never have a place to store our once a year dishes and platters, it was B to the rescue once again.

As this set is so amazing, I have almost forgiven B for forcing me to relocate things into our way too small kitchen.  Almost.  This is Jacobian furniture which, from what I understand from GTS*, is the form furniture took during the Renaissance in England. Yes, our furniture is THAT old. Or based on ideas that old. Whatever.

This picture doesn't do the size justice, but B informed me that he didn't want to take a straight
on picture because then he would be in it through the mirror. So camera shy, that one.

This is our buffet. B may or may not have broke it immediately upon trying to move it.
It has super heavy drawers and is awesome.

This is the china cabinet.  It is also awesome and now holds all of our glasses.  It also is a haven for cats trying to escape dogs.  

You can see the carved detail in the chair and buffet. This is my favorite shot.
Good job B!

Closer shot of the cabinet.

Up close to the buffet.

This set is ever way huger than it looks because there is a leaf. And by a leaf I mean the top of the table lifts up and goes between two extenders. The whole top of the table is a leaf. One day I am going to make B do that again and put all of the chairs we got with it to show you just how regal this set really looks.

I actually like the table with all 6 chairs around it, but it makes it kind of crowded and one chair may or may not be in the midst of repair as well.  

We got this set for a very reasonable price.  Thereafter, my friend whom I stole the trash chair from got a very similar site at an even better price. I might hate her now. The jury is still out on that one.

Also, you will notice the glass on top of every piece. The set did not come like that. B brilliantly stole the idea from our neighbor. With three cats with three sets of back claws and the never ending desire to launch off of our furniture with said claws, the furniture is grateful for B's idea, as am I.

It's the little things.


*Google That Shit, or in this case, Googling That Shit

6 important things being said:

Jennifer said...

I love it!! And I hope that "GTS" takes off like wildfire!

*~Dani~* said...

Jennifer - we will make "fetch" happen!

sprinkles said...

I really like your new furniture. The glass was an excellent idea. Didn't even notice it until you mentioned it, then had to go back and look at it.

I wish I had grown up furniture. Most of what I have is ugly ass stuff that others donated, some of which I didn't want but felt the need to accept so I wouldn't seem rude.

Katelin said...

ooh i love it all, so beautiful and elegant!

Anonymous said...

That set is absolutely to die for!

*~Dani~* said...

sprinkles - We still have some random pieces that I would not call grown up. One piece at a time is our motto.

Katelin - thanks, girl!

Natasha - Welcome! Thank you. I feel the same way :)

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