Friday, September 05, 2008

Did You Hear That?

For your viewing pleasure, this is a recent email exchange between my mother and I:

Mom:  this is off the subject, but either my washer or dryer just FARTED...honest, I heard it...well something did and it was loud and NO it was not me.  Going to investigate who is farting in my laundry room or somewhere...spooky!

Me: Please let me know what farted because I smell (no pun intended) a blog post coming from this one...

Mom: I am telling you it happened. I heard it plain as day.  Do you think my house was built on top of a grave and gas is still leaking out from some poor soul's that case, I know what he/she died from Gas-o-ritis.

Me: You are too much. Are you sure YOU didn't fart?

Mom: Believe me, if it were me I would tell you.  Nope it came from the laundry room or somewhere out there.  Could a little bug make a strange sound like that?

Then, ironically enough, a couple of days later I sent my Mom an email about some new high tech washers/dryers:

Me:  A washer and dryer that "speak" to each other. How interesting.

Mom: I wonder if they fart. 

Me: We can only hope.  You know I will have to blog about this since I have a whole category about bizarre appliances?

Mom:  I have a feeling your blog is going to be very interesting.

So, Mom never did find out what farted in her laundry room.  And, no she was not drinking when she wrote that. Shame on you for thinking that! Or did I just put that thought in your head? Moving along...

Has anyone else had their appliances make strange noises or is my Mom living in the house from Poltergeist?

The idea for this post came from the wonderful blog Postcards From Yo Momma where readers send in their favorite wild, wacky and humorous emails from their mothers which are then published on the blog.  I have not turned in any of my mom's writings...yet.  However, I do threaten her with that course of action often!

1 important things being said:

Kacie said...

LOLOLOL! I hope none of my appliances ever fart and startle me.

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