Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Pennies from Heaven

If you have read all of my posts on this blog, you will know that I love finding pennies on the ground (dimes and quarters are like nirvana).  If you haven't read all of my posts, what are you waiting for?  Check them out now and then come back to this story.  (psst - you can find them to the right under "past posts of brilliance").  Picking up pennies usually involves a story and this time is no different.

B and I were walking to our car following a sporting event, either baseball or football.  No, I don't know which.  They are both sports involving balls.  The stadiums are right next to each other. My involvement with both is limited to (1) noticing everything that anyone around us is doing that is strange, unusual or funny and reporting it to B (he loves this) and (2) cheering at all of the appropriate times with only a minimal clue as to what is going on (sometimes I even break out with my own version of rules and what should be going on.  B REALLY loves this).  Back to the story.

We are strolling along. Okay, that is a lie. B does not stroll. We are walking at a very high speed (which I love), when B points and says "penny."  B does not pick up pennies.  In fact, I think he finds it humorous that I do.  However, he will point out any penny he sees for me to pick up.  I like to think he is being helpful.  Really, he is trying to amuse himself I am sure.  So after hearing my battle cry "penny," I look down and lo and behold there are SIX pennies. Jackpot!  I was so excited saying "there are six of them" while picking them up (yes little things amuse me greatly).  I may have actually said "these pennies are from heaven." I wouldn't put it past me. When suddenly this voice screams "that's MINE."  Um, okay.  I look up and there is a woman sitting by the parking structure.  This woman looks like she could have been homeless or just having a bad day. Sometimes it is hard to tell. She proceeds to scream a litany that went something like this:

"That's MINE.  I lost my purse (sitting right next to her). Someone stole it. Someone stole my wallet. That's MINEEEEEEEE."


I almost felt like a thief right then.  Once I had finished picking up the pennies, I proceeded over to her, where she was still screaming about how that was hers and leaned over to hand her the pennies as I believed they were ultimately more important to her than to me at this point.  What does she do?

Turns her head away, SCOFFS at me, and says "I don't want that."  Okay, that is hysterical.  Even the potentially homeless, potentially a bit off lady does not want pennies.  Perhaps even she thinks it is amusing that I would bother to pick up pennies from the ground.  Kind of reminds me of this guy.  Regardless, I softly said to her "sure you do" and left the pennies right by her.  When we left the parking garage in our car, the lady was gone as were the pennies.  I guess she wanted them after all.  All the way home, instead of hearing about that "ball" game and the people that were there, B got to listen to the lady that loudly proclaimed me a thief and then snubbed me when I tried to give her the pennies. B REALLY loved that.

2 important things being said:

Jennifer said...

I too pick up pennies! I need that money! As for that lady, how rude!!!! Finders keepers, losers weepers!

*~Dani~* said...

That's what I say - why would I pass up free money? As for that lady, I am quite sure she thought I found something more worthwile and was calling "dibs" on it. I am also quite sure that she had not lost her purse, wallet or whatever else she was ranting about.

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