Thursday, October 23, 2008

Not So Secret and Not So Blind Update

So, I totally had to change my scheduled post today so I could come back here and update you as to yesterday's events.  After all, at least 3 of you asked. That is demand enough for me.  This is what I got for information on the big "date." 

Day after date:  

I see friend and say "how was the date?" He says "okay."  I express complete and utter shock that there actually was a date.  He just shrugs and says "I'll see her again."  

Day after day after date:

I realize that I am missing a CRUCIAL piece of information - her name.  Would also like to see what other details I can drum up.  So I see friend and have this exchange:

Me:  What was that girl's name?
Friend: Girl? What girl? 
Me: The girl from the other night - your "blind" date.
Friend: Oh you mean the woman?
Me: Sure...whatever...what was her name?
Friend:  Randy
Me: RANDY? Her name is RANDY? She's a guy!
Friend: She spells it with an "i"
Me: I don't care if she spells it with hearts and flowers, she's a guy!
Me: She is SO a guy!! She's a guy!  [This also involved me pointing at him while chanting]

I then turn to a nearby person who is half participating (mainly eavesdropping) in the conversation and say, "She is SO a guy!"  

Friend: No, she is all woman.
Me: She's a dude.
Friend: I am telling you she is all woman, I know.
Me: A boy can buy boobs too you know.

I turn to other person, "It is true, boys can buy boobs. That means NOTHING."

Friend:  I know for a 100% fact that she is a woman*
Me: [speechless]
Me: Oh.
Me: And the date was just okay??

*He knows because he looked at her driver's license. What were YOU thinking?

4 important things being said:

EP said...

Umm, yeah, I was definitely thinking something else. Oops.

He seriously looked at her license? Smart guy.

SavingDiva said...

haha! I was thinking he had a really good date.

fingers said...

Not much point going round calling yourself Randy(i) if you're not going to put out on the first double secret blind date...

*~Dani~* said...

ep, savingdiva and fingers -

There may have been a good time had. One was implied. I did not ask for details because boy on boy action does not excite me.

fingers - I actually made up the name randi, hers was something similar. I guess I was keeping with the theme of the date subsconsciously.

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