Wednesday, December 24, 2008

A Not So Secret Santa Stuffed Stocking

Say THAT three times. A riddle for your tongue.  But not a real riddle...I apologize to all of you riddle searchers who must be disappointed in this blog, but I will discuss that at a later time.  This post is all about the Stuffed Stocking I won from Brandy, a fellow blogger. 

I entered her giveaway and won a lovely stuffed stocking which arrived today.  Want some pics? Of course you do!  Here is the stocking:

Look at that detail! I tried to capture it up close:

Inside the stocking was all of this:

In case you cannot see it clearly. The stocking contained:

Fun holiday socks
Cookie cutters
Holiday Dish Towel
Little bags to put your cookies in and give out to people
Sprinkles and decorating gel; and
Starbucks GC in a cute little handmade holder. Check it out:

And the little button on the back:

I am in love with it and will cherish it always Brandy!

As for you dear readers, you really should check out Brandy's blog. Not just because she gave away this lovely prize package, but because it is a pretty awesome blog:

Want to see tattoos? Check.
Want to make a kickass cookie that you will not stop eating until you throw up? Check.
Want to see a beautiful Christmas tree involving Harley Davidson? Check.
Want to see how she only spent 72 cents at a trip to CVS that included, among other things, a Crockpot? Check.
Want to read one of the greatest post titles ever that is really all about Beyonce playing Wonderwoman? Check.

Everything you thought you wanted and more!  Check Brandy's blog out!

Thanks again Brandy. Mucho holiday love to you and yours.

And Merry Christmas Eve to the rest of you that celebrate!

10 important things being said:

phishez said...

oooh. Very cute!

Merry christmas Dani!

Marketing Gurl said...

Wow Dani! That is super cute! Happy snow to you! No snow but ice everywhere in my digs! Love MG

EP said...

Lovely! I hope you and B had a very merry Christmas!

fingers said...

On a serious basis...that is a really, really cool stocking.
Wanna trade it for a really, really crappy Scrabble desk calendar...

Anonymous said...

The gift card holder is very cute. I have one just like it that also held a Starbucks gift card. Starbucks is getting classy, what with the neat gift card holders and the splash sticks with holly on the top. Hope your holiday was great!!

Katelin said...

aw what a fun gift to win for christmas!

Brandy said...

I'm so happy to see you got it before Christmas! I'm glad you liked it and thanks for all the kudos...

I hope you had a great Christmas and Happy New Year!

*~Dani~* said...

phishez - thanks! I love the stocking. Merry Christmas to you too!

MG - Snow is much better than ice. Hope it has melted by now!

EP - Thanks so much. We had a wondeful Christmas. Hope yours was great as well!

fingers - you being serious? Shocking. Hmmm..maybe next year I will have to get you your own stocking. I am a too much of a dork if I think the Scrabble desk calendar is kind of cool?

Anonymous - I wish I knew your name, but thanks for stopping by. We are a lot alike in our love for Starbucks. And I do love the splash sticks. Also keeps the drinks warm! Happy Holidays and New Year to you and yours!

Katelin - it was a fun win. Soon, I will be off to read your blog and see how the holidays were for you and Matt! Hope they were great in your first home together.

Brandy - as you can tell it was a hit here and with my blog readers. Thank you again! Merry Christmas (a little late).

Jennifer said...

Why did I not comment on this? All I have to say is that you are the biggest blog winner ever.

*~Dani~* said...

Jenny - obviously you are slacking. You are so involved in posting every day to your blog to meet your many fans' demand, that you forgot about me. Seriously though, you are my blogging hero for your posting dedication.

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