Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Winter Wonderland

Winter is definitely upon us as we received in excess of 6 inches of snow on Friday. I don't know what the official measurements were because I don't pay attention to that kind of thing, but I know it was A LOT. That is my official measurement anyway. 

All that snow made for a terrific snow day for many people. Not I, though. I braved the weather to get to the office, make a good impression and GET THINGS DONE. Three quarters of our office did not. Know what I am? A sucker! That's right. I did get free pizza lunch out of it but that did not make up for the lack of sleeping-in-and-lounging-around-all-day-while-looking-out-the-window-at-the-cold-instead-of-driving-in-it that I missed.

Later that night, with my co-sucker by my side, B, we once again braved the weather to go out with friends. That ended nicely though. The snow had stopped, the idiots were off the road, and we did not feel like we were endangered at all. Always good for a Friday night. On the way there I told B about my fascination/obsession with kicking the snow clumps that form between tires and wheel wells. Yes I am really a six year old. I saw a car with a kick ass snow clump and pointed it out to show B what I was talking about. He then challenged me to get out of the car run over and kick it. Deciding I would rather not get shot, I declined. That did not stop us from giggling about it as if it really had happened.

All juiced up about the possibility of kicking snow, I noticed that there was ice forming at the bottom of the window. I decide to let out my pent up kicking frustration by knocking out the piece of ice. Wise move, as I am sure you can imagine. I rolled down the window, punched at the ice and a piece FLEW UP AND HIT ME IN THE HEAD before making its way to the back seat. I screamed:

Me: AHHHH a piece of ice just hit me in the head
B: What? Come on.
Me: Didn't you see it? AHHHH it just came up and hit me in the head
B: I saw no such thing.
Me: It happened! It really happened. The ice is in the back seat. I will find it!

I could not find it. This led B to believe my story was a lie. It was not. When we stopped at his parents house, he went into the back seat to retrieve something and found a huge chunk of ice. He said "Huh" like he wasn't a Doubting Thomas the whole time. I took revenge on him by running around and kicking the snow clumps under his wheel wells while he was inside (say THAT three times fast). Yes, that is my idea of revenge.

Friday night was not the last of our winter adventures. On Saturday we accompanied B's family to the annual tradition of walking through the Village. Last year it was SO cold with high force winds. This year - still cold minus huge winds. I guess that is an improvement. Oh, and this year I had long johns, a definite improvement. I also did not trip and fall to my knees like last year. Although I did trip. this time I managed to stay upright. Ahhhhh good times.

This is the same place that B and I went with them for the Halloween walk where B proceeded to act like paparazzi and follow us around taking pictures. The same was true on Saturday. He got some good ones which you can see here and here at my SIL's blog, And Baby Makes Five. He was so good in fact, that like true paparazzi and celebrities, we tended to forget he was there. This resulted in a lot of Where's B? Did he go ahead of us? Is he behind us? Is he playing on the snow hill? You think I am kidding about the snow hill. I am not. Check out those links.

B and my BIL decided that they would race to the top of one of the big snow hills and play King of the Hill. You know, like all of the other children. In fact, they nearly killed some children in their quest. I threatened to reveal their true ages to the crowd to make them come down. This really struck a chord with B who is older than my BIL. Of course they could not just walk down or anything. BIL decided to slide down. B, not one to be shown up, decided to tumble down in what can only be described as a painful maneuver. In fact, if you have ever played Wii Fit ski slalom and your mii doesn't quite make it from the start and begins to roll like a huge snowball, that was B. He assured us he was not hurt. I was not so sure about that.

Other highlights included Santa up on the balcony calling out not only my nephew's name, but also my SIL's and mine. I was so excited that when Santa cried out WELCOME, I cried back THANK YOU SANTA. I am bound to get lots of presents for this.

There was also real live reindeer, glass blowing, tin making (for which B had quite the fascination and many questions. Tin making may be in his future. Too bad it is not lucrative), yummy turkey dinner and pumpkin pie. Not bad for a Saturday night.

Best part? A new bobblehead. He will be making his debut soon. Kind of like Santa.

I wonder what the new bobblehead is...

5 important things being said:

Jennifer said...

It was another great time. I hope they have it in July next year!

phishez said...

You got 6 inches of snow? Damn. I'd like to get me six inches of something...

Sounded like fun though. Who needs to grow up?

*~Dani~* said...

Jenny - it would certainly be warmer. But there would be no snow hills!

phishez - you are right, who needs to grow up? It was a lot of fun. Hoping for 6 inches for you for Christmas ;)

EP said...

Wow. The one (and probably only snow day my little town will have for the next 10 years) snow day we did have, I headed out of my apartment around 7 a.m. to document the entire thing. I know how working when it's snowing goes.

At least you got some things done, right?

*~Dani~* said...

EP - I did get some things done, begrudgingly of course :)

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