Sunday, December 14, 2008

Think of the Children...

As you are all aware, times are tough right now. We may or may not be in a recession, depending on whom you talk to and at what time of the day.  However, the fact remains, people are tighter with their money these days. Who knows what tomorrow will bring.  I would imagine this would make it harder for charities to get donations.  Even if people want to help those in need, they may not be able to at the moment.  So, how are charities dealing with these hard economic times? Well, if the guy in the local Walgreens is any example, apparently by yelling and guilting customers into donating.  

The only reason I found myself in Walgreens at that moment is because out cats needed some water. Yes, due to Mooch's recent illness, the cats now drink fancy distilled water. And they were out. After being in the office all day, I was tired and hungry and really did not want to be buying water.  I only had $1.00 on me. Enough for one gallon of water.  Pathetic, I know, but I don't like to carry a lot of cash on me.  

Upon entering the store I see a guy wearing a suit in front of a table that contains a bunch of pamphlets. Luckily he is talking to someone so I do not have to dodge him.  I make my way to the water and get in line to pay where there is one person ahead of me. While I am waiting, the guy in the suit attempts to get people entering and leaving to make a donation. No dice.  So, he decides to change tactics:

Guy:  What? You cannot give money for the CHILDREN??? Who doesn't love CHILDREN?
Cashier: I love children.
Guy: Of course you do. Who doesn't love CHILDREN?
Cashier: Of course that's because I have four of them.

At this point the cashier and the person in front of me proceed to have a conversation about her four children. The guy in the suit, oblivious to the fact that he is no longer conversing with the cashier, keeps up his tirade:

Guy: And what would YOU do if one of your children were missing?
[no answer]
Guy: Go to the police I am sure.

Now, people are dodging this guy or, as in my case, trying to pretend that he was not in the middle of the store shouting about children and not making a lick of sense.  I thought about telling him he needed to tone it down, no one likes to be scolded into donating.  I thought about asking him what kind of charity he was working with so I could be sure to contact them about the lunatic collecting donations.  I thought about asking for the manager. I even thought about asking suit guy what missing children, the police and his charity had to do with one another. 

Instead, I went home.  I gave my cats 99 cent distilled water.  I did not give that guy one dime. 

Hopefully the fate of all children does not rest on this guy's shoulders.  They will surely be doomed.

4 important things being said:

Jennifer said...

How ironic that you were buying fancy water for your cats and didn't give the yelling man any money. Too funny! I doubt the "children" are al relying on this man.

I don't really like solicitors in stores no matter the reason. I never every carry cash, but boyscouts selling popcorn never seen to believe me.

*~Dani~* said...

Jenny - I guess I was thinking about my "children" at the time. I still have no clue what that guy was representing. i wonder if he even did.

Matt said...

Was he drunk??

You should have told him you hated little kids.

Just to see his response.

*~Dani~* said...

Matt - not sure if he was drunk but that would explain a lot. Honestly? I was kind of scared of him despite his immecable looking suit.

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