Sunday, June 14, 2009

Just One More Deal...

Remember yesterday when I said I was so tired? It wasn't from working at the office or from working in the yard. It was from a long hard day of bargain hunting. Unplanned bargain hunting. How does this happen? It goes a little something like this:

Go out with your Mom and end up in a subdivision sale for three hours. Sometimes end up lost and unable to find the car. Buy:

That comes with bonus sand dollars:

and buy this lamp which was missing one jewel on the bottom:

Then decide you cannot garage sale one.more.minute. Declare garage sales the winners, whine and go home.

Show B what you bought. Have him immediately cause another jewel on the lamp to fall off (it can be fixed!), but marvel at how beautiful it looks in the office:

Whine to B about all of your hours of garage sales and bargin hunting and how you are DONE. B decides to go for a bike ride. Tells you to keep your phone nearby in case of a flat tire.

10 minutes later he calls and you are worried he is stranded somewhere. Instead he says:

B: Can you do some measuring?
Me: Measuring? Measuring of what?
B: The small dining room windows and the fireplace windows. I am at a garage sale and they have some wooden ones here really cheap.

You measure. You report. Then he says:

B: Come down and check them out.
B: And bring the measuring tape.

You tell your Mom via instant message that you will be back because you need to go to another garage sale. You both LOL.

So you go back to the car. You forget the measuring tape. You go back inside for it and then off you drive. It takes you a while to find B because he is on a street with 3,456 garage sales. You find him, look the blinds over, decide which ones are best, load them up and take off back home. You report to your mom what you bought and you LOL again.

Then the phone rings. It is B. When you answer he says:

B: What's up?
Me: Not much. What's up?
B: This guy at this other garage sale has a fertilizer spreader for $10 can you come down?
Me: Sigh.
B: Do you have $10?

You ask him if he will be there, recalling the difficulty of finding him last time. You instant message your mom. There are no LOLs this time. This time it is all "I have to go to another @%#^* garage sale!" You get back in the car and take off.

In the 5 minutes it takes you to arrive at your destination, you find that B has ingrained himself in with the garage sale family so much that when a woman asks about a bike, the garage sale guy says "you will have to ask B." When you realize he is talking about your B and by his name, you wonder if you have entered the Twilight Zone. You then realize that the lady wants to buy the bike that B has been using to find all of these "deals" for you to come pick up. So you say:

"How much will you pay for it?"

Here are the shutters which need to be dusted:

And another recent garage sale find (actually a church sale) which also look great on the window sill in the office:

B thinks this was the perfect set up - he would find bargains and I would come get them and pay for them. I think B needs to stop drinking...

5 important things being said:

Living Dees Life said...

looks like you got some great finds!!! i love a good yard/garage/bargain hunting day :)

fingers said...

OMFG, you're a human bower-bird...

*~Dani~* said...

Blaez - thanks! Some days it is fun. Some days it is tiring.

fingers - you shit. You know I had no clue what a bower bird is and had to look it up. Having done that, you are spot on.

Jennifer said...

WHat a fun day! Well, until B went on the bike ride anyways! You should have brought him the money and then let him figure out how to ride home on his bike carrying the shutters!

*~Dani~* said...

Jenny - the sad thing is, he probably would have figured out a way. He is a machine.

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