Sunday, June 21, 2009

A Very Special Father's Day

One day, a while ago, B said to me "I am going to make a present for your father." Having been announced out of the blue, I was curious. And then he showed me this:

Terrible picture (we will blame B's camera), but it is a very old fire extinguisher. "Nice," I thought. My Dad was a firefighter. He likes fire things. Then B showed me this:

A lamp kit. I called B "creative" and "ambitious." When many months later it was still sitting there, I called B "tenacious" and "determined." At some point, when he told me he couldn't find the right drill bit to drill through the many layers of metal on top, I called him "nuts." And then when others told me that there may be extinguisher residue in there, I called him "brave."

Many months later and in perfect time for Father's Day, B found the right drill bit. Then B made this very beautiful lamp that did not ignite or explode after turning it on:

I take credit only for purchasing the shade, which was quite easy. B did all of the hard work. B informs me this is one of the old kind of extinguishers that needed to be held upside down in order to get the chemicals to react and extinguish the fire. Here is a close up of the printing on it:

And it still has the hose:

A view from the top:

Now how cool of a Father's Day present was this? My Dad appreciated it. Now I call B, once again, a "DIY hero." Not only has he done all of the renovations around the place, not only did he install a floor in the old place, and not only does he have an awesome work room, but now he has made a lamp. A very special lamp.

Just wait until you see what B is up to next...

Happy Father's Day to one and all and especially to my two Dads.

8 important things being said:

Ruth said...

Very cool lamp. B is so talented!

Living Dees Life said...

that is so sweet! and an awesome idea :)

fingers said...

Ooooh, I have one of those too.
Except it has a screw on brass cap.
I use the cap as an ashtray then when I'm finished smoking I dump the contents into the main body of the extinguisher and put the cap back on.
That way I only have to empty my ashtray twice a year...

Katelin said...

what a cool and creative gift.

Andhari said...

He's so creative , I cant make homemade things to save my life. Glad your dad is happy too :)

*~Dani~* said...

Ruth - B is very talented and always willing to try something new.

Blaez - very sweet

fingers - you are a genius, except for the whole killing yourself slowly with carcinogens and all. Ashtray part, still brilliant.

Katelin - I thought so too!

Andhari - me neither. B is totally showing me up.

Jennifer said...

That looks great! I bet your Dad loved it. I think maybe B just wanted to use his new workshop to build something??

*~Dani~* said...

Jenny - My Dad did love it and you know B loves to use his workshop. He has become quite handy.

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