Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Former Attorney, Teacher...Poet

Yes, I am an attorney. And, yes, I have been mistaken for a teacher. And, yes, I do like to make some mad rhymes occasionally. However, this post? Not about me. It's about our backyard neighbor. Remember I alluded to the fact that there was something odd about those backyard neighbors? Oh there is. They never cut their back grass.


Now, I am sure you are thinking "Dani, a lot of people don't cut their back grass, so what's the big deal?"

Well, they still go in the backyard. They sit out there. They converse. They read. They write.


B believes they are about to get malaria any minute. Seriously, look at my covertly obtained picture:

That table with the white chairs and green chair? That is where they eat. Can you see how tall the grass is? Can you see all of the weeds? There is even grass and weeds growing up from between the rocks that their table is sitting on!

Here are more recent pics:

From almost ground level:

Oh, and yes, they were out there when I took those last two pictures. I just pretended that I was taking pictures of our flowers. I am a super spy I tell ya.

I probably shouldn't be surprised that their grass is like this given the condition of their blinds. But the fact that they continue to go out there and sit there like they aren't in a jungle, and eat out there? That is a bit too much for me.

And the fact that she planted a garden. Yes, she took the time, all day in fact, to plant a garden. She has not touched it or the grass since. If you look really closely in the top right corner of the third picture near the fence you will see her garden. (Hint: look for the red leaves). Go look. I'll wait here.

Crazy, right?

You know what is also crazy? The husband and wife made out the entire time she was planting that garden. They are probably in their mid 60s. I thought she must be dying or something. Yep, I am cynical.

As for the title? B got to talking to their next door neighbor and I guess the subject came up about what our backyard male neighbor does all day since we have seen him in that back room with the crazy blinds all day every day (when he is not outside that is). The neighbor responded with:

"Former attorney, teacher, poet."

I kid you not. This inspired B to google him and sure enough he is all three of those things. Of note on one site was the fact that he has kept a journal every day since May of 1976. Since then I have seen him out there writing or journaling. I imagine he is writing this:

"Day 364 - we still haven't cut the grass. On another note, the steak we ate last night out on the patio under the stars was divine. Off to the doctor to have this terrible rash looked at."

7 important things being said:

Debbie said...

This is fantastic! You just never know who you are living next to! Love the post, hate the grass. But, what are you gonna do? We are trying to grow our lawn, but are surrounded by empty, weedy lots that need to be built on, and day by day the weeds encroach on our "soon to be" yard.

Jamie said...

WOW! This post is perfection. I love that you have such interesting neighbors. I was speechless for a few minutes after reading the post because there was just so much wonderful stuff to sort through in my mind. I really want pictures of these neighbors. I can't believe they laughed at you for taking pictures of you your cat when they have all of this craziness surrounding them.

*~Dani~* said...

Debbie - you got that right! Always a surprise in a new neighborhood. I would be mad if weeds encroached on my yard. Luckily these weeds are self contained - for now.

Jamie - Interesting is so very true. And so far I have only talked about these two. I might have to try to get a cover picture of them. That might be harder. And it is funny they were laughing at me although at that time, there grass was a normal length. Such screwballs. He looks like a professor type, late 50ish, skinny and like he would write in a journal or just "ponder" things. She looks older, with a bob hair do, all white, and pretty from what I can tell. I said Hi to them after I took the picture and they look startled. Probably because I interrupted their indepth conversation as to whether or not Cindy "always treats people that way".

Jennifer said...

Is he famous? How exciting I cannot believe the neighbors do not complain about this! You would think the city would go crazy on them.

I would be so annoyed about that grass!

Jennifer said...

And I am horrified that they made out all afternoon! I bought Bryan and air horn so he would perform his neighborhood watch more effectively. Maybe you guys need one for events like this? Every time they kissed you could blow the horn!

fingers said...

What sort of former attorney, teacher or poet says, 'Remember I eluded to the fact that...'

Allude: it's allude.
Elude means to evade.
What the hell kind of universities are you people graduating from there anyway...

*~Dani~* said...

Jenny - no he is not famous. Except maybe in his journal. An air horn would come in handy during their make out sessions. I want to say "oh isnt love so sweet" but instead I think "dear god, please stop"

fingers - the kind that eludes more than she alludes and doesn't double check her writing.

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