Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Labor of Landscaping a/k/a If You Have It, Hedge It!

What did you do this Labor Day?  I had five whole days off. We were supposed to go to the cottage, but sadly, that was not to be.  Doesn't matter because B also had three whole days off. He hasn't had three whole days off since he started back up to work in the spring. Can you imagine getting up every day before five, seven days a week? Neither can I.  B doesn't imagine it, he does it.  Crazy.

So the Friday of Labor Day weekend was B's first day off. I gladly got up with the dogs before 5 to feed them and headed back to bed. Since I am narcoleptic, I can fall asleep quickly. B, meanwhile, slept in and then headed to the gym. He was home less than a few minutes when he told me he was off to the nursery. He wanted to do some landscaping.

He is nuts! Is your first thought on your day off to do hard labor? Not me.  What if the hard labor you were about to do is so similar to what you do at work that you might as well be at work?  That man is nuts.

In other news he planted some shrubs* in the area that you used to be beautiful and full of flowers, but was now full of dirt and dog prints.  The area is the take off point for the dogs and their zoomies around the yard.  It is also a fan favorite for digging holes and pushing balls under fences to just sit their and whine that the ball is on the other side of the fence.

So pretty. So precise.

Look at all of that green!

I am hoping they grow tall and block some of the neighbor's patio.
More for their sake than ours. Nosy dogs!
While I still think B is nuts in his love of labor, I really do appreciate the fruit of his labor.**


*I learned that these are NOT bushes. They are shrubs. All shrubs are not bushes and all bushes are not shurbs. Or something like that. I stopped listening. 

**Is it just me or does that sentence sound kind of gross?

5 important things being said:

Cindy said...

Looks great...he's crazy!

sprinkles said...

Now I REALLY wanna move in! You have much nicer furniture and a much nicer yard!

I recently had someone come over to quote me a price to mow the lawn. The guy said he thought my house looked abandoned. Then he asked if I ever watered my lawn. Apparently, he didn't really want my business!

Anonymous said...

Hard labor is NEVER my first thought of the day.

sprinkles said...

Merry Christmas!

*~Dani~* said...

@Sprinkles - Merry Christmas to you too, girl!!

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