Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Hi! My Name is Chester

Meet Chester.  No that is not a small tiger on my sofa, that is my very large cat. Our very large cat.  I cannot even blame B for Chester as it was my idea to get the other cat a friend (you will meet him in a later post).

While Chester may look like a ferocious tiger, he is really just a cuddly teddybear that only wants for you to pet him.  Always.  Forever. Seriously, he follows your hand with his eyes and head. He doesn't care about you. His dream is probably to be able to remove your hand from your body and take it with him to pet him all day long.  Ahhhh the dreams of cats.

A ferocious tiger he may not be, but he deems himself to be a worthy hunter.  He often squishes into his cat perch and lazily lays there while making clucking noises at the birds outside. Sometimes he just whines at them. I imagine he is thinking "if you were just THIS much more closer, I would get up."  And if there is a bug in the house? Chester will be RIGHT there.  The other day I heard a quick buzzing noise and here comes Chester running in really small fast steps that sounded like thwap thwap thwap all crouched down. He stared at that bug for a good 15 minutes, swatting at it occasionally.  However, when I paid attention and discovered it was an UGLY bug and tried to cheer Chester on with  a "get that bug, get it," he instead turned his attention to wanting to be pet and following my hand.  What a killer that one.

Chester has two other favorite past times, well let's make it three (although I do not think he particularly likes the third).  The first is an extreme fascination with machines.  He is not allowed in the laundry room (okay, closet) but if the door is left open he will just sit there and stare at the washing machine or dryer.  Same thing with the dishwasher.  I guess the sounds fascinate him. Not so much with the vacuum.  They are mortal enemies.

His second favorite past time is watching the fish tank like it is a TV.  Every once in a while it catches his eye and he watches the fish.  His favorite is the big brightly colored algae eater. When it comes close to Chester, he will jump up and slap the fish tank like he is trying to get a bug.  We only encourage him by saying "did you get the fish Chester?" to which he replies with a soulful cry.

Lastly, Chester likes to puke. A lot.  Almost every day if not more often. It is gross.  I think he is bulimic.  However, he never loses any weight. Puzzling. Both B and I think we each have to clean up more than the other, but it is probably both equal.  Poor sensitive bellied Chester.  He really is a doll.  If you are taking a nap - he will be right there with you, on you, crushing your chest and placing his paw on your mouth as if to say "'s sleepy time."

4 important things being said:

Jennifer said...

Oh Chester. You are the hugest cat I know. I love that first picture of him! I think it is my all time favorite.

*~Dani~* said...

I tried to find the fattest one I could. That would be it.

Jennifer said...

And I would love to see him run. It is probably like you see on Big Cat Diary or something.

Bryan said...

I can just picture Chester doing all those things. I was laughing the whole time I was reading about him.

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