Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Master of Puppets

So you may be able to tell that I have an affinity for using songs for titles to my posts. More specifically, songs from the 80s and usually hair bands.  The trend will continue for today.  As a p.s. to yesterday's post, it turns out that the song lyrics were actually identical to the dream.  Eerie, no?  Here are some of the lyrics:

In my dreams -- its still the same
Your love is strong, it still remains
In my dreams -- you're still by me
Just the way you used to be.

(Dokken - yes, a hair band.  Circa 1985)

Now, as for today's title - there is a tie in.  This story comes courtesy of B.  We are out to dinner one evening regaling each other with work tales.  B doesn't have a blog so I am his usual outlet.  So he starts griping about someone at his side job that made employee of the month.  I was munching on fish and chips, or a burger, nodding and half listening until I hear him say something about a hand puppet?  I immediately stopped what I was doing, held up my finger, reached into my purse and got out pen and paper and then told him to proceed  (Side note: I don't think he liked that too much).

Turns out that the employee of the month is a guy that wears a puppet on his hand ALL of the time.  So, you are wondering, "hey, what fun family activity type place does B work at?"  Um, a hockey rink.   And what fun family activity does this employee perform?  He is an USHER. That's right folks - he tells you where your seat is, apparently while talking through a puppet. That is not the extent of it though, sadly.  He actually communicates with his coworkers through the puppet as well.  

Pretty sad day when you lose out on employee of the month to a guy with a sock on his hand.  

5 important things being said:

Jennifer said...

I want to sit in his section next time. I would laugh so hard if he sock talked to me.

*~Dani~* said...

When we were there last time, I asked where he was and he was all the way across the rink. I could not tell if he was wearing his sock puppet although I am told he always is.

Jennifer said...

I think next time you should find his section and go there, ticket in hand, pretending like you think that is your section.

Bloggers Bro J to tha O to tha N said...

Obviously an equal opportunity employer. Creepy thought, what does he do with his sock puppet at home??
Another thought sis, you should make a sock puppet with a mean angry face and use it to yell at drivers who piss you off. It might be shocking enough to make them stop and think about their inablity to operate a motor vehicle. Could this also work in court? Maybe a sock puppet rolling its eyes?
*Is it ok to say "piss" in my comments? If it is, where must I draw the line? Maybe you need to supply "all' your fans with a guideline or code of conduct*

*~Dani~* said...

You have a lot of great suggestions. I do not see how a sock puppet in court would be any different than some of the attorneys that argue. In fact, the sock might be more coherent.

As for drivers, I quite prefer to yell at them and make my own angry faces. Quite often I am sure I look like a sock puppet and I probably also make them stop and think whether I am insane enough to kill them. Ahhh....good times.

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