Wednesday, July 02, 2008

We'll Make Great Pets

Still with the song titles.  It is spurning some creativity on my part to come up with song titles that have a tie-in to the post, so here we go.

Today at work was our 4th of July potluck luncheon.  Toward the end of our luncheon, it was just me and three of my coworkers at a table talking about animals, raccoons to be exact.  This conversation spurs from one coworker's declaration that there is a platypus in her backyard.  After much guffaws and contemplation on platypuses (platypusi?*), she tells us that, in fact, she has REALLY seen a raccoon in her yard.  We all confirm that raccoons are evil animals. That gets me going on a hunkering possum story (punchline - "look at that hunkering possum").  That is when this exchange occurs:

COW 1: Raccoons are very smart animals.

Me: How do you know? Have you debated one lately? 

COW 1:  No, but a bunch of raccoons outsmarted me and my friends one day.  They were trying to eat some food we had in the backyard so my friends and I started chasing one and while we were doing that - the rest of the raccoons took ALL OF THE FOOD.  They used a diversion!!!

Me: Bwwaahahhahahha

Other COWs:  Bwwhhahahahwhaha

COW2:  Were the raccoons pointing and laughing at you?

COW1:  Well they did huddle in a group in the back of the yard making noises at us while eating. I am sure they were mocking us.

Okay, so a group (not just one person) of people got outsmarted by a group of  raccoons who cleverly used an ordinary diversion tactic by sending one of them to be chased while the others did what they needed to get what they wanted. Score one for the raccoons.

COW1 then goes on to say that they even had food in a plastic container with the lid on and locked and they STILL got into that.

Me:  Bwahahahahahhh

So much for our superiority due to opposable thumbs, eh?  In no time, we will be great pets to the raccoons who apparently have watched enough cartoons and horror movies to outwit us all.

*The Blogger spell check says platypuses is correct.  It is also unfamiliar with the word Bwaahahahahah

4 important things being said:

Bloggers Bro J to tha O to tha N said...

Interesting story. Just a bit of constuctive criticism though. You may want to refer to your coworkers a "COWOs" instead of COWs. At first I thought you were telling a joke. Then I thought you knew talking cows, which only exist in "Farside" comic strips....or DO they exist? Let me know, because the cows in "farside" are hilarious..I would love to meet them!

*~Dani~* said...

Good point. I do not know any talking cows, but I do have talking cats. However, they are not funny but rather annoying. We toyed with the idea of removing their voiceboxes but since Mooch's recent hospital stay and the vet telling us he had been crying for days to tell us he was in pain, we were guilted into allowing them to keep their voices. Of course, we still do not speak meow so we have no clue what they are "saying."

BrokenRhino said...

At first I thought you were referring to me as a cow(the animal, non-talking kind). I know i have put on a little bit of weight lately, but geeze that is harsh.

And as a correction, we were up north camping when this happened.

*~Dani~* said...

brokenrhino - you are hardly a cow. And thanks for the corrections. I love when people come into my blog and fix it. Good times.

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