Friday, July 25, 2008

Porntastic Fortune

This past weekend my family and I were at a Chinese restaurant on a stop over on bringin my brother home.  We all got fortune cookies. My gripe with fortune cookies is that they are never really fortunes anymore.  More like proverbs or characteristics such as "traveling puts a smile on your face."  Gee, thanks.  I did not know THAT.  It is rare you get a true fortune. Makes me wonder if those evil* lawyers had something to do with it. 

Now, I am not sure that what I discovered in my fortune cookie that day would consitute a fortune, but it is porntastic.**  Here we go:

"A tub and a rub would do you good."

Think about it. Tell me that your first reaction wasn't WHAT?  Maybe because tub sounds an awful lot like tug? OR maybe because who the heck calls a bath and a massage "a tub and a rub"? OR who the heck would recommend to someone "a tub and a rub" to "do them good."  Those wacky Chinese fortunes! Never had a porntastic one before, so now my fortune life is complete.

*yes I am a lawyer; no I am not evil.

**porntastic is a completely made up word by me in which I cleverly combine "porn" and "fantastic".  Get it? Porntastic.   Thank me later for that one.

***not sure what the photo has to do with anything except it is (a) a fortune cookie and (b) references lawyer things.

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