Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Bobblehead Nation

Behold the latest addition to my bobblehead collection thanks to B*.  Can you believe he won this fantabulous set?  It all started with my fantastic win of preview tickest for the movie Tropic Thunder (which B wanted to see really bad).  We were excited and waiting for the movie to start.  B starts talking about the credits and Tom Cruise's appearance in the film.  Then someone from a local radio station starts saying he was going to give away these fantabulous bobblehead sets.  I immediately demand B to "win me one of those!"  He did not disappoint.  As luck would have it, the fourth question was about Tom Cruise's appearance in the film.  B's hand shot up immediately and I loudly exclaimed "you rock!" to B when the DJ said he won.  

These will look lovely in my office with my three other bobbleheads.  My first bobblehead came from our trip to LA and Dodger's Stadium. It was bobblehead night.  I put that one on my book shelf.  The second came courtesy of my cousin at my wedding shower, perhaps inexplicably to the guests, but not so much to me.  It is Dwight from The Office. He holds court on my desk. The third one is a Tigers baseball player from our very own bobblehead night.  People like my bobbleheads. They come in my office, flick their little heads, and say things like "you have a lot of bobbleheads."  Ha! They ain't seen nothin' yet.

Side view of bobbles courtesy of B:

*I do plan on removing them from their casing and lining them up somewhere in my office, but the case makes for easy transport.

**To all of my adoring fans {ahem} Jenny {ahem}, I will try to post more often.

2 important things being said:

Jennifer said...

WHere are the rest of the bobbleheads?? I want to see the entire collection.

*~Dani~* said...

They are at the office. I will take a picture of them today. Hopefully no one sees me. They may not understand.

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