Saturday, August 23, 2008

Mistaken Identity

Three times now, I have been mistaken for someone else.  First I received this text message the other day:

Hi, it's michelle from work. Do you want to babysit tonight?

There are no michelles at my work.  Even if there were, they certainly wouldn't be texting me with that question because they would probably get the same response this michelle did ~ silence.  It is not that I do not like children. I do. However, I do not like them enough to watch someone from my office's spawn. Um, I'll pass.  I wonder if michelle is now mad at the person because she thought the person ignored her call?  

Second mistake and one that was a tad bit more annoying came at 11:52 p.m. on a school night! I wake up to B hitting me repeatedly.  At first I thought he was having one of his "dreams" where someone is "out to get him," however when I finally, groggily, say "WHAT?," he tells me that my phone is ringing. Sure enough it is.  I jump on it envisioning emergencies in light of recent events.  The phone number is unfamiliar. I decide to wait to see if a message is left. No message.  No return phone call.  Hence, no emergency.  The following morning I reverse lookup the number. A local landline. I find out the person's name, address, phone number and spouse's name.  After contemplating whether I should give Sharon and Steve a taste of their own medicine the following night at 2 a.m. , I immediately forget their information and move on (that is until B asked me if I got a booty call last night.  Really? A booty call. Although flattered I am, those days have passed).

Finally, on my old email account that I only check about once a month lately, I started getting these random emails from missy.  They were forwarded jokes. Not spam.  No links.  Just jokes clearly intended for a friend.  And I got the impression missy thought she knew me or that I wanted her jokes. At first it was once a week, but when it became multiple times a day, I decided to contact missy and see what was up. Here was our conversation:

Email from me:  Hi.  Do we know each other? I have been getting emails and jokes from you but I am not sure who you are.

Email from missy:  I am sorry. I have the wrong address.  I thought you were my friend and found out this morning.  I will take you out of my address book. I feel stupid and all of my friends are laughing at me.

Poor thing.  Missy, I feel for you.  You are not the first, nor probably the last to mistake me for someone else.  And your mistake was the least intrusive of the three.

1 important things being said:

Debi said...

That reminds me of the time that Jon called you around 1 or 2 a.m. to get an answer for a trivia question !
I had no idea that you knew so many swear words. LOL

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