Sunday, August 24, 2008

Meet Mooch

Meet Mooch ~ the original cat of the household. He was here long before Chester was a thought in my head. Mooch was handpicked by B from some crazy place on the side of the freeway in the downtown "D" (I just heard about this recently). Chester, on the other hand came from some farm at the top of the lower peninsula or something like that. I am fuzzy on the details.

Anyway, B and Mooch ruled the pad until I came along. I think Mooch probably looks back fondly on those days. Mooch and I have a love-hate relationship which probably stems from the fact that he behaves like a petulant 3 year old. And if I scold him? He immediately comes rubbing up on me and purring to make things right. Oh, I am on to you Moochie. B finds the two of us hilarious because there have been more than a few days that he has come home to me saying "Mooch and I are fighting again." Don't think Mooch does not understand English because he does, he will just, in typical cat-like fashion, simply ignore you and your instructions.

Mooch's favorite thing to do is, well, mooch. He was actually quite aptly named. If you are eating he is immediately on you being nosy. I am not even sure that he would actually eat what you are eating unless it involves milk or fish. There is no stopping him if I have a bowl of cereal or an ice cream cone. Then he is my best friend, of course!

What else does Mooch like? Lying in the sun (he will actually move with the little sun spots), sleeping with us under the covers (but only in the winter when its cold), crying out the screen door for B when he is outside, laying in his fur lined box in the closet, giving me love bites when I pet him, and beating up Chester. Although Mooch is half the size of Chester (okay, who am I kidding? That was only true when we first got him) *ahem* smaller then Chester, and despite the fact that Mooch does not have any front claws, he regularly beats Chester up. Chester the tiger with ALL of his claws will cower to Mooch. Mooch also likes to walk up to the bowl Chester is eating out of and "take it away" by sticking his face in it. He is a bully that one! He can also be the sweetest cat ever such as when he curls up all warm and cozy next to you or on your belly and purrs away.

(Actually Mooch likes ALL boxes)

That is Mooch in a nutshell. The first picture? That is the look when he is either (a) stalking something, or (b) surprised because you caught him doing something bad. (Usually it is him being bad). The picture down below? That is what he does when you try to take his picture. That is why there are way more pictures of Chester than there are of Mooch. (Although they both recognize the sound of the camera and will immediately stop whatever cute thing they are doing when they hear it).

Here are both the boys in a quiet minute in which they decided they liked each other:

4 important things being said:

Debi said...

Don't tell Chester but that pose makes him look fat ! LOL

*~Dani~* said...

LOL I think Chester is aware that he is a big boy! And you ain't seen nothin' yet. Wait for a future post. Whoo whee!

Jennifer said...

I remember when Mooch was a thin little kitty. Just look how he has grow. I think maybe Chester is a bad influence!!!!

*~Dani~* said...

Chester resents that comment!

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