Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Crime Watch Wednesday: It is Not the Wrong Way if You are Crosseyed

This week's crime watch chronicles brings us the story of a man so inebriated and so consumed with the idea of further inebriation, that he couldn't see straight or, apparently, see which way traffic was going:

A man was stopped after driving the wrong way down the street. The man admitted he had been drinking and that he was on the way to get more alcohol. The man also admitted that he was an alcoholic. His blood alcohol level after being tested was almost three times the legal limit. He may be dead.

No, the last sentence was totally me. Of course he is not dead. He is probably free and driving the wrong way down a street as I type. I have a feeling that nothing the man said to the police was a surprise. After all, finding someone driving the wrong way down a street would lead to the assumption they are drunk. Finding out they are, in fact, drunk and on the way to purchase more alcohol would lead to the conclusion that the person is an alcoholic.

Way to go Mr. Obvious. Now, if you could become Mr. Observational and drive the right way down the road, we would all appreciate it.

Better yet, stay off the road.

6 important things being said:

Andhari said...

I found the drunk drivers funny sometimes..yet sad at the same time if you think of it..:p

Brandy said...

Um.......confession time. Last week, while on vacay I drove on the wrong side of the wrong for just a brief moment (obviously until I figured it out duh!). I hadn't had anything other than water to drink so you can just chalk that up to stupidity.

Thankfully it was late at night and we were the only car out.

Debbie said...

He will be Mr. Observational as he observes the jail cell he sits in.

*~Dani~* said...

Andhari - you are right. They are both.

Brandy - confession time for me too - I have also driven down the road the wrong way TWICE without drinking. Unlike this guy though, we figured it out and corrected ourselves.

Debbie - i hope that is true!

Living Dees Life said...

omigod that's horrible.

Anonymous said...

You know - I remember driving down the wrong way of a one way once...when it was pointed out to the driver, I believe she said "it's a little late for that now don't you think"

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