Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Have You Seen Katie?

The day of the big yard sale event, in between driving around town and picking things up that B "spotted", I heard a lot of yelling on my street. Everyone was looking for Katie. Who is this Katie, I wondered?

Katie is a dog.* More specifically, Katie is the dog that belongs to our neighbors across the street. The ones, who if you will remember, had a previous dog that was killed "tragically", but apparently that does not prevent them from letting the new dog roam around at will and get lost. So began a lot of yelling and a lot of searching. The dad got on his bike and took off down the road. On my way back from one of my many B trips, I saw the dad on his bike just moseying along with a slight grin on his face and wondered if he let Katie loose on purpose. Later I heard the daughter standing in her doorway moaning and wondering if Katie was on the "bad part of town"**.

Then Katie just walked right up to the porch.

Crisis averted.

Until the other day when B yells at me to come down and bring my phone. I go downstairs to find him holding a small dog. He tells me he found the dog in the yard and it has tags. I remark that it kind of looks like the dog from across the street belonging to the Goldsmiths. However, I wasn't sure and the tags didn't say. So I call the number:

Man: Hello?
Me: Did you lose your dog?
Man: Did she get out of the crate again?
Me: Well, I don't know about that, but she is standing in my living room.

I then proceeded to give him my address.

Meanwhile the cats are curious, scared and curious. They are intently staring down the basement stairs. The dog is in the living room.

I look out the window and sure enough there is Mr. Goldsmith wandering down the street in the opposite direction from our house, you know the address I gave him. I yell out and he retrieves his dog and says "she is always getting out." No kidding.

And guess who was out the very next day? I predict another tragedy.

*who names their dog Katie? Really?

**the "bad part of town" is a couple of blocks over across a main road. I dont know if the bad part of town is equally bad for dogs or just people, but I am thinking that I would be a bit more concerned about the main road and cars than possible criminal activity.

5 important things being said:

Andhari said...

I read your small explanations and laughed. Too true, who named their dog Katie KATIE? That's too human!

Jennifer said...

I don't think Katie is going to be around too much longer! Is she cute? Maybe I could add her to my small dog collection.

*~Dani~* said...

Andhari - That is what I thought! I pictured them looking for a lost little girl not a dog. So strange.

Jennifer - it is a cute dog, kind of like Baxter and very good from what I could tell (other than the whole escaping part but I leave that to owner error). I think she would like being a sister to your dogs. I told B we should have kept her, changed her tags and acted like we just happened to get a dog just like theirs.

j'lynn said...

Of course I ate first thought it was our mutual friend, but it wasn't. LOL

BTW, totally unrelated to this post, but I like the changes on your colors...funny thing was the fact that I was thinking this past weekend of updating my colors, so you inspired me too! LOL

Great minds my friend, great minds!

*~Dani~* said...

jlynn - Yeah, I thought of her too when they were calling the dog's name which is not cool!

Thanks about the changes. I decided I wanted the links to be blue so people could see them easier.

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