Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Crime Watch Wednesday: Twice the Trouble!

This week's crime watch chronicles brings us the story of a bicycle struck by a car. Not just any bicycle, however. This was a tandem bicycle. Observe:

A driver struck a tandem bicycle as he turned right at the intersection. The driver stated that he did not see the bike as it entered the street from the sidewalk. He made sure to check on both the cyclists to see if they were injured. They were not. Despite the rear tire being bent, the cyclists continue on their way, in tandem.

Okay, maybe I added those last two words, but let's review. You could not see a tandem bike? How could you miss it unless when deciding to turn right you only looked left? That can be the only explanation. Knowing the people around here I am surprised that a baby buggy seat thing was not attached to the back thereby making the tandem bike about two cars lengths long. How do you steer one of those things? I have enough trouble with my cruiser.

On another note...I recently spotted a person riding a tandem bicycle alone. Alone! It was the saddest thing I ever saw. It does not matter that the person was smiling. I know in their heart, they were crying from loneliness.

One person should not ride a bicycle made for two.


6 important things being said:

Andrew said...

Not Fact. Opinion. You should know this.

And here's why the person was happy - he was on his way to pick up his "Daisy." You know, Daisy from the song, "Daisy, give me your answer, do..." They were going on a date, and he was picking her up!

Andhari said...

Do you think he hit them for using tandem bycycle in the first place? G;a they're okay though, wont believe his excuse myself.

Anonymous said...

i need to do more around the house. this blog is getting boooooring!!!

*~Dani~* said...

Andrew - in blogland, my opinions are fact. That's a fact ;) Interesting theory about Daisy. That would explain the big ol' smile. You might be on to something! And I cannot believe it was a tandem bike crime story that brought you out to comment again ;)

Andhari - that is an even BETTER theory. I bet B would be on board with that as he thinks tandem bikes are "stupid."

B - hi! You do think tandem bikes are stupid, right? If you think the blog is boring, I am sure I can go into the vault and find some stories about you...

Jennifer said...

If you were on a tandem bicycle, how could to ride away and not be in tandem????

OMG, I didn't even realize that A was really B. Too funny.

*~Dani~* said...

Jennifer - excellent point. on a tandem bike you should be in tandem or disaster will occur. Anonymous is not always B, but in this case it definitely is.

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