Thursday, July 16, 2009

What Do Suicidal Jumpers, Train, Hobos, Hookers and Strip Joints All Have in Common?

These are all things I encountered on my ride home the one night. Not my usual trip, that's for sure.

Because of a suicidal jumper, the freeway was shut down for over 6 hours. Six hours up on a bridge. That man ain't a jumpin'. What did happen, however, was that my typical 45 minute drive turned into 2 hours.

For the first hour I traveled down a stretch of road spending most of it twittering since I wasn't moving at all. I also talked to my Mom. I then decided I needed another course of action and turned.

Thereafter I passed the area where the man was hanging off, or on, or around, a pedestrian bridge over the freeway. Know what I saw? An entirely different bridge full of gawkers. Um, nice. What do you want to see? A rescue? A jump?

I then traveled through a seedier part of town hoping for less traffic. Wrong. However, what I did find was:

  1. 3 strip clubs
  2. 2 hobos providing an explanation to the lady in front of me as to why traffic was so bad. Not sure why she decided to ask them. Their answer: "turn BACK" with arms flailing. It was a one way road.
  3. 1 hooker/hitchhiker. She glared at me so I did not pick her up. If she had smiled, well...
  4. 1 ridiculously long train into hour two

I mean, really, a TRAIN? It actually felt as if I was in some poorly written comedy where the heroine (that's me you know) is stopped at every angle from reaching her destination by whatever ridiculous means the lame ass writers can throw at her - potential suicide (check), freeway closure (check), crawling traffic (check), gawkers (check), hobos telling people to go in the wrong direction (check), hitchhikers (check), what else? How about a train! Perfect.

Just perfect.

6 important things being said:

Andhari said...

That's like some plots from the movie. 3 strip clubs? All in one neighborhood and hobos? That's something I'd like to see!

Living Dees Life said...

that would have made an interesting scene(sss) in a movie...

guess what my verification word is: poops

no kidding!

Katelin said...

haha wow, quite the ride home. i agree with andhari, definitely sounds like a movie, haha.

Anonymous said...

I know what they all have in common.................they were all bored by this post.

Jennifer said...

I so remember that day. What a mess.

As for Anonymous, I think he does not appreciate the post because he was not stuck in the mess??

*~Dani~* said...

Andhari - you probably wouldnt much enjoy this neighborhood aside from the 3 strip clubs and hobos.

Blaez - I think so! Maybe I should start a script. Love the verification word!

katelin - definitely! Although I didnt feel much like a star while driving through it.

Anonymous - your verification word should have been "party poops." Or should it just be "B"? Hmmmm

Jennifer - you just can't make some people happy. Unless you just talk about them all the time. You know?

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