Thursday, October 08, 2009

Hay! Can You Stalk My Pumpkins?

Sure, B thought his giant pumpkins were great. However, B had bigger plans for our yard. His plans involved going to the cider mill* and then finding some hay and some corn stalks. After all, what is a giant pumpkin patch in your yard without hay and corn stalks?

So we set off on our journey and went to the cider mill with B's sister and husband and our nephew, L. Turns out L likes pumpkins just as much as B. And since he is still small, they all look giant to him. Bet he ends up growing big pumpkins in his future.

After eating too many donuts and drinking cider and feeling pumpkins, B and I set off to find the perfect hay and cornstalks. Rather, the only hay and cornstalks. We only found two places - one that sold hay and one that sold cornstalks. That was good enough for B's master design. Take a gander:

B says the key to designing is to always work in 3s. Hence the 3 pumpkins on our stairs.

And the two pumpkins and one hay bale in the corner.

And the 1 pumpkin, 1 hay bale and 1 cornstalk by the tree.

B also bought this nifty fall corn bundle to hang on our door.

And little pumpkins for my desk! We only bought one but the guy selling them threw in 2 for free. He must subscribe to the B plan of 3s.

I was so excited about our fall display, but do you know that not ONE neighbor has commented on it? WTF? All summer I had to sit and listen to people talk about the house next door:

"oh, nice flowers"
"I love your shrubs"
"how did you cut your lawn with those lines"
"you built that garage from scratch?"

Yet, no one can be bothered to comment on our pumpkins aside from some girls that B may have scared off? It is not like people don't walk down our street EVERY DAY. Or drive down it. Yes, people would STOP THEIR CAR to say those things to our neighbor.

Okay, it is not a competition.

And I am not bitter.

But it is and I am.

Justify Full*Somebody forgot to charge her camera before going to the cider mill. Sadly, that leaves you without a picture of me looking like a scarecrow while holding three corn stalks.

**I know you like what I did with that title there, I incorporated 3 of the major themes of these photos. B would be so proud.

8 important things being said:

J said...

Ha ha it looks great. I like the design in threes :)

Living Dees Life said...

that's it! you've done it now!!

who's decorating my interior? that'd be you and B.

who's decorating my exterior? same

ya'lls stuff are so kewl!

Ruth said...

Your yard looks great. I think the neighbors are jealous and that's why they're not complimenting you guys.

j'lynn said...

So cute! :) Good job B!

Damn that camera... ;)

Jennifer said...

Ohh, it looks great!! I also think the neighbors are jealous.

I think I also like to design in threes? Or maybe just in groups?

Brandy said...

Your neighbors must be tasteless because I think it looks GREAT!

Jamie said...

Allow me to be the third person to agree that the neighbors are just jealous, but since they're too petty to say it- here goes. Wow! Those pumpkins are huge! Did you grow those in your garden? That hay bale looks so great! Was that Martha Stewart driving by and taking pictures of your yard?!

*~Dani~* said...

J - you must be a professional then, at least in B's eyes.

Blaez - aww! Thanks. I will give most credit to B. However, I will accompany him to your house to decorate so we can hang out and gab while he does all of the work. Deal?

Mom2 - you are probably right. They are the jealous type.

jlynn - I know! The scarecrow picture would have rocked.

Jennifer - group designs are rather cool.

Brandy - my neighbors are more egocetnric than tasteless. And not all of them. Just the ones that are IGNORING US.

Jamie - you are the BEST neighbor ever. You are so quiet. It is like you are not even there. And so quick with the praise. oh, and that wansn't martha stewart, just some teenage girl B scared off as usual.

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