Monday, October 05, 2009

They are Macon Progress

This weekend my Mom and I went to breakfast at a new place in a different part of town since we had an errand to run out there. The food was good, the toast was huge and the waitress was nuts. Really. Immediately after we gave her our breakfast order she said "We have a lot of good lunch specials. Take a look." and left. Hell, we hadn't even had breakfast yet. The lunch specials didn't begin until 11:30. It was 9. Apparently, she thought we were the type of people that go into a restaurant for breakfast and never leave. Okay, maybe that has happened before. Whatever.

In any event, I learned that word on the street* is that the under-construction-breakfast place is open again. My Mom and brother went to visit and reported that the menu is mostly fixed. Mostly. My brother said that he found "chicken brest." See? I think that is even worse. You go to great lengths to fix your jacked up menu and it STILL has a spelling error. Classy.

Also? The formerly greek-like-breakfast-place-turned-coney-island-breakfast-place has branched out to embrace all sorts of ethnic food. For example, they have a fine Mexican selection:

Taco Salad
Almond Boneless Chicken

Wait. What? Yes. They had almond boneless chicken listed under Mexican food.

I wonder if it was made with chicken brest?

*By street, I mean my brother. He has been stalking the place, waiting for it to open.

5 important things being said:

Living Dees Life said...

lol omigod. i wish i had as good of stories as you!

reading your blog makes my day so much better!!

Jamie said...

Knowing that your brother is stalking the breakfast place makes me think your parents raised you both right.

Debbie said...

These little stories about your dining experiences and menus are hilarious! I need to pay more attention to the greasy spoons I go to, but nothing compares to these.

Jennifer said...

I also need to pay more attention to the menus at these little diners! The number of spelling / gramatical (I actually think I spelled that wrong - lol) errors I notice does shock me. Don't printer shops edit these things???

*~Dani~* said...

Blaez - I am glad I can make you day brighter :)

Jamie - girl, you crack me up. Indeed, they did raise us the same. Whether that is right or not is probably up for debate.

Debbie - Honestly, I dont usually pay that much attention to the menu. This can all be blamed on the tree eggs. Those damn trees! Always causing trouble.

Jennifer - you would think they do. But then I wonder if the printer is like "hey we just print, you are responsible for the rest." What they need is an editor. I should volunteer my services. And when I say volunteer, I mean demand lots of money.

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